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How to Set Up A Free Landing Page + Funnel in 10 Minutes (

How to Set Up A Free Landing Page + Funnel in 10 Minutes

In this blog post, we’ll explore a step-by-step process for setting up a landing page and email marketing funnel. This tried and tested method, powered by, has generated hundreds of thousands of dollars and it continues to do so every single day. Read on to learn the quickest, easiest and most importantly, the free way to set up your landing page and email marketing funnel.

Create a Account


First things first. You need to sign up for a account. For beginners, the free account is more than sufficient, allowing you to manage up to 2,000 contacts and send unlimited emails. As your list grows and your needs become more complex, you can choose to upgrade to one of their higher-end packages.

Let’s explore how you can set up your email marketing funnel with

Shaping Your Funnel

Once you’re logged into your dashboard, click on ‘Funnels’. Here, you can create your lead funnel, beginning with a friendly name – for instance ‘Join newsletter’.

Next, define what your goal is for this funnel. It could be to grow an audience, or drive traffic to your website and so on.

Subsequently, you will be prompted to set up a domain for your funnel.

You can use the default domain provided, or if you own a domain, you can customize the URL. For now, let’s choose to save and proceed with the default domain.

Customizing Your Landing Page

In the next step, we get to create the landing page, aka the squeeze page. System IO provides numerous templates that you can choose from. However, let’s keep things simple and go for a blank template.


After selecting the template, you click the ‘Edit’ button to start personalizing your landing page. Add blocks as per your requirement, and there you have it – a beautiful landing page tailor made to your needs.

In our case, an opt-in form is added, customized with relevant text, video and bullet points.


Designing Your Email Campaign

In, after creating the landing page, the next step is to set up the email campaign. Having created the ‘Join newsletter’ campaign, we need to add emails to it.

This is where you craft the content of your emails. With each email, you get to define when it’s to be sent to the subscribers. Setting up a schedule for your campaign emails is the next big step of the process.

Automation and Rules

With, automation of the entire process is a breeze. Go to ‘Automations’ and set up a rule – a trigger that governs what happens after someone subscribes to your newsletter. In our case, we want them to subscribe to our campaign, ‘Join my newsletter’.

You can also define rules to add a tag to each subscriber, which can help in tracking from where your opt-ins are coming. This feature is especially useful when you want to target your email campaigns towards certain groups of people.

Thank You Page – The Final Touch

The last step of setting up our landing page and email marketing funnel is to create a Thank You Page. This is the page that your users will see after they subscribe to your campaign. Like with the landing page, you can either use one of the various templates provided or create your own.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should have a understanding of how to set up your own landing page and email marketing funnel with The beauty of this tool is that it doesn’t stop here. It allows you to build your own blogs, websites, set up your own affiliate programs and much more.

Even if you think the paid packages might be a bit steep, consider the unlimited emails and other array of features offered. It’s a pretty solid deal. The free version is a great starting point, and as you grow, you can upgrade as needed.


If you aren’t leveraging email marketing and funneling, you’re losing out. sets you up for success with minimal effort, maximum return, and a plethora of potential possibilities.

Don't put this off any longer; start your email marketing campaign today. Your future self will thank you.

Note: This blog post is inspired by a video tutorial. Please Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more such tips and tricks in the world of marketing.

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