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As you might know I find the material on SEO and marketing from Alex Becker to be quite entertaining and practical. In this video an SEO expert explains how he is making $400,000 per month providing SEO services. His advice is hard hitting no bullshit real world advice. I will be summarizing the main points of the video. Video is an excellent medium and I highly recommend you listening to the entire video. However, sometimes we just like to cut to the chase. At least I do.

That is why I summarized the main points I learned from Alex Becker and Kotton Grammer’s video 400k A Month From Client SEO Broken Down.

Client SEO is the fastest and easiest way to make money with SEO. Client SEO is helping real businesses rank their businesses on the search engines. Using seo to promote affiliate products like Amazon take time and considerable expertise to master. You need to have great copy, have great keyword research, and pick the right niche.

He asks the question “What if I had to start my SEO agency from scratch today? What would I do? How would I build up my business to $400k per month with seo clients?”

He has four things that you need to get your business to $10,000 per month.

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  1. You need transportation. Yes, you need a car to get to certain places. If you do not have transportation he says to go get a job to earn the money for reliable transportation.
  2. You will need your own computer and internet connection. Not the library, not your friend’s house. You need your own not somebody else’s. If you do not have this. Same advice applies. Turn off the video, get a job and get the money for your own computer and internet connection.
  3. You need business cards. He suggests Moo.com for business cards. They will give you 50 free business cards.
  4. You need an account with bombbomb.com. The cost is about $35. per month

The next step is that now you have to hunt for clients. He emphasizes the you must work at least 8 hours per day. I love this. He would not sell many ebooks with this or business opportunities. “Work your ass off 8-15 hours per day and make $10.” We are addicted to the lotto mentality online of make money do nothing. Make money on the beach. Bulllshit. If you want to make real money you need to get off your ass and start working at least 8 hours a day. Kudos to Kotton for at least telling the truth.

He goes on to say that 10k per month is in the top 5% of the earners in the US. You cannot expect to get there on the couch. Have I lost you yet? Before you go please buy the most popular ebook on Clickbank “Take Surveys For Cash – Brand New Paid Survey Site For 2015! from my affiliate link. Hey, if you are going to buy some BS might as well buy it from me.

For the rest of you who want to learn about a real business read on.

Next create a work schedule of a minimum 8 hours a day hunting for clients.

He says do not worry if you are not an seo expert yet. The info is already out there. You need to have some money and some clients right now. Let’s get the clients first and then you can figure out how to service them. There are plenty of places you can go for help.

First place he would look for clients is Meetup.com. Sign up for an account. Looks for business meetings. Go to the business meeting with your business cards and start talking about your business. If you are afraid to talk to people you just are not going to make it in this business.

When he talks to potential clients he never mentions SEO. He says he helps businesses rank on Google. He says he is into “digital real estate.”

Meetup.com has a mailing list function. You do not necessarily just have to go to the meetings. You can market to all members of a group from their email link. Be careful. Do not spam them too hard. You need to have a good message.

Now we move on to Bombbomb.com. Bombbomb is a way to send a video by email. You can just make a custom video for the members of the Meetup.com group that you have chosen and send the video to all of them via the email link on Meetup.com.

When people open up the email you will actually be speaking with them by email personally. This is extremely powerful marketing.

Not only can you attend already established group meetings, market by email using Bombbomb.com to all the members of certain groups but you can create your own groups.

Meetup.com has a 93 page authority ranking. You could create your own group such as “Lawyer Marketing South Florida” with a link to your website. You would be the administrator of the group.

The potential is enormous. You can go from group to group in each city and start marketing.

I give this video 5 stars. No B.S. advice that really works. Thank you Alex Becker and Kotton Grammer!


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