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Free Classified Ad Posting Software

The Free Ad Forum Bizz Opp Submitter

Download $597. of Free Marketing Software

I am giving away free classified ad submission software one software will submit your ads to Freeglobalclassifiedads.com The software will submit your ad automatically to up to 500 random cities on Freeglobalclassifiedads.com

There is a pause in between submissions of about 3 minutes so that the site does not get overloaded. For right now the software submits to the business opportunity section.

Here is a video which gives an overview of Free Global Classified Ad Submitter free classified ad posting software:

Here is another video which describes additional free classified ad submission software that you can download right now if you join our newsletter:

Join our newsletter and you can download all the free classified ad posting software below:

To use Digital Nomad Ads Free Submitter  you need to register and confirm an account on www.digitalnomadads.com

To use Side Hustle Ads Free Submitter  you need to register and confirm an account on www.sidehustleads.com

To use Laptop Life Style Ads Submitter  you need to register and confirm an account on www.laptoplifestyleads.com

To Interleads Free Ad Submitter  you need to register and confirm an account on www.interleads.net

If you would like to post ads on The Free Ad Forum you would need to get the pro version of the software. You can get the pro version of this classified ad posting software here.

The Free Ad Forum Classifieds has about 400,000 members and gets new ads every few minutes. People are getting visitors to their ads. If you upgrade your ad you can have your ad appear on the homepage under “premium listings.” Just $5. gets your ad upgraded for 90 days

You will need to create a free account on thefreeadforum.com/classifieds in order to be able to use the software. But once you do so you do not need to fill out any captchas

Here are some features of the software:

  • Use spintax to rotate unlimited titles
  • Use spintax to rotate unlimited descriptions
  • Ability to use either html or text in your ad descriptions.
  • Add Your YouTube videos to your ads.
  • Add a custom picture to your ads.
  • Include custom keywords in your ads.
  • Add your website as a clickable call to action link in your ad.
  • Easy to use set and forget software. Automatic submissions.
  • No need for captcha services.

You can download the software here.

Here is a video which gives you a demonstration of the software.

I used Ubot Studio to program the software. Ubotstudio is a program which allows non programmers to program software. There is quite a learning curve but if you are interested in programming your own bots I highly recommend the program.

Osclass Submitter Submits Ad to 19 High Traffic Classified Ad Sites in Just a Few Clicks!

If you want to bring your advertising up a notch then check out Osclass Submitter. It will promote your ad on autopilot to 19 high traffic sites. Here are some features of Osclass Submitter:

  • Posts up to 500 Ads Per Days

    Posts Ads on 19 Different High Traffic Classified Ad Sites Automatically


    ?Post Ads to All US States and Most Major and Medium Sized Cities


    Ads Stay Live 90 Days!


    Use Html to Create Beautiful Clickable Ads


    All Sites are Live Active Sites With 1000’s of ads Being Posted


    Embed Your YouTube Videos


    ?Include Your Facebook Link


    Software Saves Unlimited Campaigns. No Need to Re-Type The Campaigns Into The Software


    Rotate Campaigns on All 19 Sites Automatically With a Click of a Button


    Uploads up to 3 Different Pictures Per Ad


    Include a Link to Your Website Even on Text Only Ads and It Will Be Hyperlinked With A Call to Action


    Include a Link to Your Classifiedsubmissions.com Affiliate Link Automatically in All Ads Posted. 


    Does Not Use Captchas! Once You Pay For The Software The Ad Posting is 100% Free!


    ?Automatically Registers Your Accounts on All The Sites


    ?Automatically Confirms Your Accounts on All Sites


    Use Spintax in Your Titles and Descriptions to Vary Your Titles and Descriptions

Here is a video which will give you an overview of Osclass Submitter:

We always recommend a windows vps with this software. This allows you to run the software 24/7 without worrying about taking your own computer’s resources. Plus you can just set up your campaigns, click off the vps and the promotions will run. Here is an overview:

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Wishing you much success.