New!- Free Advertising Forum- Post Your Ads for Free! Thefreeadforum.com


New!- Free Advertising Forum- Post Your
Ads for Free!

Post your fr’ee permanent ad to 1000’s
of viewers in seconds!

We have just launched The Free Ad Forum
This is a forum where you can place ads
about your business opps, ebooks, m-l-m,
marketing tools or just about anything
which is legal and legit.

The cool thing about The Free Ad Forum
is that your ad will be permanent!
It will not rotate off like with most
classified or free links pages.

Your ad will be permanently indexed
on very search engine friendly pages
according to the key words you use
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Forum marketing works. Try it. Just
go ahead and type almost any question
in Google. Lots of the pages you will find
will be forum posts.

Well, now is the opportunity for you to
post your free permanent ads on our
search engine friendly forum.

You are welcome to place ads for all
your programs and opportunities for

Come back and post every day if you wish.
Comment on other people’s posts. Ask
questions, contribute and improve
your business.

We are going to be heavily promoting this
forum. We already have marketing websites
which have Alexa ratings from 12,000 t0
32,000 and over 200,000 marketers in our
various newsletters.

When other marketers come to post their
ads they will see yours as well. We
are going to be promoting this aggressively,
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article marketing and reciprocal linking.

Now is the time to post your free ads
and benefit from the massive traffic
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Hey, it is completely FREE! No card needed.

To get started see: http://www.thefreeadforum.com