How To Share A Link on Facebook Even if it is Blocked or Banned

how to share a link on Facebook even if banned

Here is the workaround on how to share a link on Facebook even if it is blocked for those who do not want to read the whole post. Create a free blog and put all your affiliate promo information in a blog post. Then use the link to your blog post to promote your affiliate program not your banned affiliate link.

Here is a video which explains this technique:

Have you ever tried to post an affiliate link on Facebook only to get this message:

Facebook Blocking Affiliate Link

You were so excited about the program you were promoting and now you discover that Facebook no longer wants anything to do with your beloved program. Your heart kind of sinks when you get messages like this. Well I have good news. There is a very simple work around so that you can post your favorite affiliate link on Facebook.

How to Share a Link on Facebook Step 1: Get a Free Account

The first thing you need to do is to get a free account with If you already have a Google account which means a gmail or even YouTube account you are half way there. Google owns and YouTube and, of course, gmail and all these services are attached to your one account.

So log into your gmail account and then go to

Once you log in you will see something like this:

How to create a blogger blog


Click the little down arrow first then click on “New blog” to create a new blog on blogger. If you have not yet created any new blogs yet the interface will look like this:

How to Share a Link on Facebook Even if it is banned Step 2: Create a free blog on

Blogger Create Blogger Profile

So click on Create a limited Blogger Profile. Choose a cool revolutionary name for your new blog and click continue.

How to create a blogger blog

Then click “Create a New Blog.”

Create a blog

Then choose your blog title, blog address and blog then and click create blog. choose title choose address choose theme

New click on “New Post.”

blogger create new post


How to Share a Link on Facebook Even if it is Blocked Step 3: Create a Blog Post With Your Affiliate Link And Banners on Your New Blog

Next what I did is to take a banner from the affiliate tools section of the blocked affiliate program. (Actually I figured out how to do this technique because I found out that the affiliate links for the affiliate program that I run for were blocked on Facebook!)

Then I inserted it into the blog post. I also took one of the sales letters and copy and pasted it into the blog post. You can get even more creative and include videos, personal testimonials, and even your own personal bonuses for signing up for the program.

how to share a link on Facebook even if it is banned or blocked


Now I click publish and I have my very first blog post and a new link to the blog post on
Here is the new link I am going to promote: Go ahead and click on it.

How to Share a Link on Facebook Even if it is Banned Step 4- Post the Link to Your New Blog Post Instead of Your Banned Affiliate Link.

Instead of my banned affiliate link I will post my new blog post about my favorite affiliate program. I can post link with no problem on Facebook because generally Facebook is not going to ban the which is owned by Google.

Also YOU are the only one promoting this link. This is important. The reason the affiliate link was banned in the first place was because so many affiliates were promoting the same affiliate link over and over. If you are the only one promoting this specific link it is much less likely to be banned.

Now you are promoting your blog post not your affiliate link.

There are many advantages to promoting your own blog post rather than a raw affiliate link.

  1. You can post your blog post in more places because it is not likely to be banned.
  2. You can personalize the blog post with, testimonials, videos and your own unique bonuses.
  3. You have more credibility when promoting a blog post rather than an affiliate link.
  4. You can include a subscription form to YOUR own mailing list. IMPORTANT.
  5. The blog post will get found in the search engines as well for your keywords so you get extra traffic from Google as well.

Now you should know how to share a link on Facebook even if it is banned of blocked. I hope you found this tip helpful. If so please like and share the post on your favorite social media and make a comment below.

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