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11 Tips To Get More Traffic From YouTube


YouTube is the number 2 search engine after Google. Here are some basic tips on how to get more free traffic from YouTube.

1. Video Response Technique- You should use every video you upload to YouTube as a response to other popular videos in your niche. Why? Because there will be a link next to their video showing your video response to their video. People will see your video next to their video, click on it and view your video. This is free traffic for you. You will also have a link to their video next to your video which says “This video is being used as a video response to “Video You Responded To.” To make a video response click on the comment area where you make text comments next on the video where you want to leave the video response.

When you click on the white space comments area on the right it will say “Create a video response.” Click on this link. You will see a list of your videos (you must be logged into your YouTube channel to see them.) Click on the video you want to use as the video response video. Click “use selected video.” Now you will get a confirmation. It may say your video has been approved or it may say that you must wait for the owner must approve your video response. You can only use one of your videos as a video response to one video. So I like to respond only to videos that automatically approve my response. I do not want to have to wait months for somebody to approve or reject my video. I could have been getting traffic to my video during that time.

2. Set All Your YouTube Videos To Accept Video Responses Automatically– You want people to respond to your videos with their videos as well. You want video responses on your videos because a link on their video will appear which says “This video is being used as a video response to YOUR VIDEO.” So this will give you links back to your video from their video. People are more likely to leave video response on your video if they are automatically approved. You will be surprised but most highly viewed videos have video response set to automatically approve.

To make this setting log into your YouTube account, my account, videos, then click edit next to the video that you want to set to auto approve video responses. Scroll down to video responses, click on “Yes, allow video responses to be added automatically,” then click save changes. Now people can respond to your video with their video and it will be approved automatically. This will of course give you that link back on their video to your video. If you do not think the video is appropriate you can always disapprove later.

3. Use Tube Toolbox To Subscribe To Channels And Send Friend Requests– Tube Toolbox is a YouTube marketing software which operates within the TOS of YouTube. It just helps you automate what you can do manually with YouTube. One technique which works quite well is to gather users within your niche, then subscribe to their channel sand send a friend request at the same time. Tube Toolbox will automatically send a friend request to everyone whose channel you subscribe to. See here to learn more about Tube Toolbox and this marketing technique.

People love it when you subscribe to their channel and many people will visit your channel and comment. If you have your featured video on your channel set to auto play you will get more views to your video at the same time.

4. Comment on other people’s channels and videos– Tube Toolbox can do this for you and/or you can do it manually. People will click on your username to see your channel.

5. Buy Views– You can just pay for YouTube views. There are services which do this or you can just buy advertising. Be careful. You cannot use incentivized advertising with YouTube. This means you cannot use services where people are paid to view ads. This could cause you to lose your YouTube account. However, you can use legitimate advertising methods. You might check into buying run of network ppv traffic. The advantage is your traffic does not have to be targeted it just has to be real so prices should be low. You are going for views not sales. The concept is to get your video up to 100k views. In almost any niche once you receive that many views it will start to be seen in the most viewed searches and will start getting traffic organically.

6. Link to your YouTube Videos On Facebook, Twitter, And On Your Blog– This is kind of obvious, but put links to your videos out everywhere you possibly can.

7. Send an email to your list asking them to like your video– Send an email to your list directly to the YouTube link and ask them to comment and like your video. The higher rated your video is the higher it will rank on YouTube.

8. Title response technique- Check out the most popular videos for your subject. If you can make your title somewhat similar your video could show up in searches under related videos when people find this popular video. Make sure your video is about the same subject and the title actually reflects what the video is about.

9. Fill out the keywords and description with your proper keywords– Most people do not fully fill out the keyword tags and descriptions in their YouTube videos. Make sure this is completely filled out with your keywords. If you want to analyze the keywords for the most popular videos you can use this tool.

10. Bookmark your video in all the most popular social media sites– You can do this manually or you can use software like Bookmark Demon to bookmark your videos on all the social media sites.

11. Don’t just submit to YouTube– There are many other video hosting sites. You can use a service like Contentbuzz to submit to many different video hosting sites other than YouTube. Or you can submit to them manually. Here is a list. You can even put a link to your YouTube video in the description of the videos you put on other video hosting sites.

Do not forget to put your url in the first part of your description and to include calls to action with annotations to click your link as well. These are just a few tips. If you have others please let us know in the comments area. Also please share this in all your favorite social media if you found it helpful. Just click the social media icons below. Thank you. Matthew Meyer.

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