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What Is The Best And Worst Web Hosting You Have Had Until Now?


I just started a new forum on The Free Ad Forum dedicated to discussing anything and everything about web hosting. You can check it out here. It is part of my effort to improve the quality of the forum and change it to a real marketing forum from just being an ad board. I have added a free classified section which is still under construction. I will directed the ad forum to this new proper classified ads area. The forum will be moderated and reserved for real discussions similar to The Warrior Forum.

I chose the topic for my first post on the web hosting forum to be “What Is The Best And Worst Web Hosting You Have Had Until Now?” Why did I chose this title? Simple, I went to the most popular web hosting forum and did a search for the most viewed post on the forum. (You can just click views on Vbulletin forums and it sorts by views.) I found this was the most popular post with over 160,000 views and 460 replies! You can check it out here. They even made a spelling mistake in the title! It is still the most popular post on the most popular web hosting forum.

This is food for thought for forum owners or those who want to have popular posts on forums just look and see what were the most popular topics on other forums and develop posts on that theme.

In any case I would really appreciate your comments on our new web hosting forum. Please let me know what your best and worst web hosting experiences have been! See here to go directly to the thread.

Thank you for your help!

Matthew Meyer

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