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I’ve Been Making Money Selling These Safelist Memberships for The Last 10 Years

Safelist Business

There are countless “business opportunities” out there. Most promise the famous pitch that the masses fall for “make money do nothing.” They mainly all say the same thing. “We do the work for you, no experience necessary,no selling, no talking to people.” The idea is to get you to buy into the business opportunity.

99% of People Who Promote “Bizz Opps” Fail Because Fundamentally They Are Promoting A Lie

I have promoted thousands of these opportunities for people with my classified ad submission service. Unfortunately 99% of those who participate in these “bizz opps” fail. It does not matter what advertising they do. Fundamentally they are promoting a lie. There is no such thing as “make money do nothing.” You cannot just place a few classified ads and have people signing up like crazy for some bizz opp scheme that half the world has already promoted and failed at. It takes a lot of work to get traffic and sales for your products and services.

I Have Sold About 6000 $12 Yearly Memberships to My Safelist

However, I do have one little business that I have been promoting for 10 years successfully. I have not made obscene amounts of money. I have sold about 6000 $12. yearly memberships to my safelist It is an easy sale. People need advertising for their websites and you can send your ad out to about 2000 double confirmed pro members every other day for just $12. per year. It is a good deal.

The memberships renew every year unless people cancel so I get many renewals from last years sales. Not only have I personally been selling these memberships for over 10 years but I have set other people up with their own websites where they can sell safelist members to my site and keep the entire $12. yearly fee.

I Have Seen Many People Make Their First Sales Online With This Business

In fact, I set up the websites so that the payments go directly to the website owners Paypal account. I take no commissions. The entire money for the safelist membership goes directly to them instantly. I only charge a small monthly web hosting fee of $9.95 per month after setting up the website. 2 sales and you are in profit and the sales are very easy to make since it is inexpensive and you are providing a needed service. You are not trying to pitch a business opportunity you are selling a service that everybody needs.

I Have Set Up Many People With Their Own Websites Selling Safelist Memberships

Another difference with this business is that you need your own domain name. You can register a domain name here. We then set you up with a real website not some self replicated site based on a spammed out domain. It is your domain name that you own. We set you up with a real web hosting account on our server including cpanel.

So you own the domain name and you have full access to the website. If you know how to design websites you can completely change the design if you like or keep it the way it is. Up to you.

When you make sales the money goes directly to your Paypal account not to me. This is not an affiliate program and certainly not multi level marketing. It is your own safelist business where you keep the profits.

We Set You Up With Your Own Website With Your Own Domain Name And You Get All The Money Immediately.

One of the reasons I like this little business is that many people have reported to me that they have experienced their first successes online selling these memberships. Even though they just make a few $12. sales often this can give people the confidence to pursue online marketing. I like hearing about people being successful rather than failing.

This is Not An Affiliate Program. It is Your Business.

The advantage of selling memberships to our safelist is that we already have over 2000 pro members. If you wanted to start your own safelist from scratch you would first need a safelist scripts ($200), then a VPS server ($50 per month minimum) and you would then need to promote the list to 2000 pro members which can take quite awhile.

With our system you just sell memberships to our established safelist without the expense, tech problems, and with a built in database of members.

You will not get rich with this deal but it is a good feeling to see those $12. memberships come in. You are also providing a valuable service for your list. It is also nice to see the renewals come in the next year.

Not too many people can say they have been promoting the same business for 10 years successfully. I can. You can learn more about starting your own safelist business here.