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Review of Craig Michael’s Plrnicheclub Ebook Resale Rights Club


Have you ever promoted a product or bought a product from Clickbank? If you have been around internet marketing any amount of time I am sure you are aware of Clickbank. Clickbank has a multi million dollar business based almost exclusively on selling ebooks. Amazon now has an ebook reader called “The Kindle.” It is one of their hottest items. Always sold out. The ebook business is hot and getting hotter. It is a great business too because when someone purchases an ebook it is almost 100% profit and it is delivered immediately online. You do not have shipping, printing or storage costs. I do not personally own any original ebooks but just by recommending a few in my newsletters occasionally I make an additional $300-$350. per week. The ebook business is a good business!

Craig Michael’s takes the total beginner and puts him in the ebook business with his club. You get 2 original ebooks each month written just for the club. These are not the same PLR products you see floating around Ebay these are quality ebooks written on hot topics that you can sell now. Included with the ebooks are beautiful websites with attractive graphics, pre written autoresponder letters for your email marketing campaigns, keywords for your ppc campaigns,and 10 keyword rich articles written specifically for each niche to post on social media for valuable backlinks.

In the support section Craig also provides easy to understand step by step video and written instructions on how to get your websites online and taking money in the absolute most cost effective way. He also shows you how to personalize your websites so they are “you.”

Included in your membership as well is a membership to another club, which has thousands of PLR products in almost any niche imaginable. These additional PLR products are not exclusive as are the two original products your get each month but you could find creative uses for these such as giveaways for newsletters, material for blog posts, bonuses or ebook compilation products.

I believe Craig Michael’s PLRnicheclub could be a great stepping stone to creating your own original ebooks and selling them. Craig will teach you the ropes step and step and you take it from there. The ebook business is one of the best online businesses to get into.

As a special offer to my readers Craig is offering a $1. trial for 14 days then it is only $37. per month for the club after the 14 days. The normal price is $47. Considering that you are getting two unique ebooks businesses including websites each month the price is really nothing. It would cost you 10-20 times more than that to put this together yourself. For more information on Craig Michael’s PLRnicheclub see here.

Much Success!

Matthew Meyer

P.S. I would be very interested in hearing from anybody who has had experience with PLR rights clubs. I would like to hear comments from people who have had experience creating and selling their own ebooks or those of others as well. Please tell me your stories in the comments area. Thank you! Oh yes, and I almost forgot we have to say this now. If you purchase from my affiliate link I make a small commission. Imagine that!

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