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12 Killer Strategies for Getting Massive Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

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1. Be Yourself.

Robo videos, commercial videos and whiteboard videos have their place but if you really want to build your channel the top people video marketers always video themselves in their own voice.

You do not have to be perfect or technically polished. Many top marketers are surprised that simple iphone type videos sometimes outperform the most polished expensive productions.

Audiences are interested in your authentic journey not some fake productions. Look how well reality shows do. Be your own reality show in your niche and do not let the lack of advanced video tech knowledge or equipment stop you.

2. Post a Video Every Day.

If you just post an authentic video every day for one year you pretty much cannot help but have a successful YouTube channel. Even if the production quality was not that great. It sounds easy but consistency is the number one key to success for most YouTube channels. You do not necessarily have to post a video every day but you need to be consistent like clockwork.

Consistency is The Number 1 Key to Success for Most YouTube Channels

Do not let the fact the you are not that good yet stop you. Learn by screwing up along with the rest of us! Heck share you screw ups people will love them!

Don’t Wait to Be Good. Just Get Started. You Will Get Better As You Go. Learn By Screwing Up Like The Rest of Us!

Decide on your publishing schedule and stick to it no matter what. You will get better results posting consistent videos rather than posting 10 videos in a day. There is something about consistency that YouTube loves.

3. Ask People to Subscribe to Your Channel.

Ask people to subscribe all the time! Ask at the beginning and at the end of the video. People will not just do it!

You need to ask them specifically to subscribe to your YouTube channel they will not do it on their own.

In addition you can include a subscribe icon to appear on all future and past videos on your channel automatically. Here is how to do that:

Subscribers to your channel will receive notifications on their YouTube channels and by email with you upload new videos. The more subscribers you have the more views you will get to your videos. Subscribers are important! Ask everybody to subscribe to your channel.

I am getting ready to send an email to my list simply offering to subscribe to their channel if they subscribe to mine. You can do the same and even put up your own video on YouTube offering to do the same. This has worked really well for me.

I discovered this simple technique well Googling “how to get more subscribers to my youtube channel.” I saw a video where a guy simply offered to subscribe to yours if you subscribed to his. I did the same and I am getting new subscribers every day. Pushing 3000. I wish I had started this strategy earlier!

4. Verify Your Channel.

You must phone verify your channel because this opens up many important features of YouTube as we will discuss next.

5. Include Custom Thumbnails on Each Video.

YouTube gives a big advantage to videos with custom thumbnails. I have uploaded videos with and without and I have noticed a big difference in views with videos with custom thumbnails. Plus they help you with branding and make you look more professional. You can only include a custom thumbnail if you verify your channel.

I suck at graphics but there is a fantastic free site called Canva.com where anybody can create outstanding professional custom thumbnails.

Here is an informative video on creating your own thumbnails:

6. Put Your Keywords in Your Titles and Make it Catchy!

Google picks up on the keywords in the title first but you cannot just write copy for search engines. You need to be creative and write for human eyes as well.

Try just typing in your keywords into YouTube and seeing what titles are getting ranked. Use these titles to come up with some keyword rich eye catching titles yourself.

7. Add Keywords-Tags.

You can get keyword ideas using the free YouTube keyword tool. You can also analyze top ranking competitors keywords and tags using this Chrome plugin call TubeBuddy.

Also remember to include your brand keywords so people looking for your brand can find your videos easily. For example we would include the keywords quickregisterseo in our tags just to give our videos further branding.

7. Focus on Branding.

Branding Quickregisterseo.com SEO and Marketing Blog

Some people put fancy intros and outros on their videos. You can have one made on Fiverr for well, $6 (sixer?) However, I never have been a big fan of intros because when I see a how to video I want to get right to the point. I try to respect my viewers time. So I simply include a watermark with my branding in the video itself. This way I do not waste my viewers time amazing them with my $5. intro.

I may be wrong. Most experience YouTubers love their intros. I let people know who I am during the video and with the watermark and try to get right to the point in my videos. What do you think?

However, we do agree branding is important so find your way to let people know who you are.

7. Send Your List Your New Video!

Send out an email blast to your list sharing your new video. This is one of the best ways to get views to your video. Then ask your audience to share and to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Not everybody on your email list is subscribed to your YouTube channel. Get them on there! Simply asking works very well.

Take some of your best videos and include them in your autoresponder series. This will drip feed quality evergreen traffic to your videos and channel. Think, evergreen, think long term, this is the way to build a YouTube channel.

8. Share Your Video on Social Media.

Of course every video you have should be shared multiple times on your social media accounts. You might also try uploading your video directly to Facebook as well. I noticed videos that are uploaded to Facebook directly rather than shared from a YouTube link on Facebook seem to get more views on this platform.

I guess it is no secret they prefer to promote Facebook videos rather than just YouTube videos.

9. Mass Post Your Videos on Other Video Hosting Sites.

There are many other video hosting sites other than YouTube such as Dailymotion, Vimeo and RuTube. You can use a service to mass submit your videos to 35+ such sites. I suggest using different titles and descriptions when you post your videos as this will increase your seo presence for these videos.

Include links back to the original YouTube video as well within the descriptions of the videos on other sites to get valuable backlinks to your YouTube videos as well. Back links count for YouTube videos as well as your blog posts.

10. Include a Full and Keyword Rich Description.

Do not skimp on the description! Write an informative both human and Google readable description in your video. Make sure you put the link to your site right at the top of the video with the full http://www. in the url. This way it will be viewable and clickable when people view the video.

11. Use End Screen to Add Videos and Subscribe Suggestion at the End of the Video.

When you video is nearing the end you have the option of suggesting other videos that you want your viewer to see. Keep your viewer on your channel. Choose several video suggestions that you would like to offer your viewers at the end of their viewer experience using End Screen. You can also ad another call to action to subscribe to your channel.

12. Embed Your Videos on Your Blog Posts.

Cross promoting your videos works really well. Also, YouTube likes videos that get embedded on websites and blogs. This is a criteria that they track. So not only should you embed your videos on your own blogs but you should encourage everybody else to embed your videos.

I hope you found these tips helpful. I know there are more. If you have some you would like to ad please let me know. If so please like and share this blog post on social media. Also do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!