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Group Mail By Infacta Free Download And Review


GroupMail by Infacta has four different versions. GroupMail Free Edition is useful if your mailing list is under 100 recipients. It is not a free trial edition. You can use it in this limited state as long as you want. For many with small email lists the free version is fine.
Group Mail Infacta Download
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Group Mail Free Download

The next version up is the GroupMail Personal Edition which lets you manage groups and lists of an size. Also you can send out your mailings much faster than with the free edition because GroupMail Personal uses multiple connections. You can even send to your lists without the need for an SMTP Outgoing mail server. Also there are many plug ins available to give you even more options.

GroupMail Business Edition is much faster yet and good for particularly large lists. You can send your emails out using up to 256 connections. Also included are features such as database direct linking, importing, scheduling, queing, background sending, Outlook integration, routing, XML document support and more. Group Mail Marketing Pack, the next step up, has the ability to create, manage and track opt-in newsletters. It also provides real-time opening and click statistics.

GroupMail Features

GroupMail has many features to make sending out email campaigns easy. First just select your server type, either SMTP or DNS then the wizard will swiftly guide you through the set up (see video below). You have the ability to create your list by manually adding one email at a time or by importing your list from an excel spreadsheet. Group Mail Personal editions on up are able to handle unlimited email lists. It is only the free edition which is limited to a 100 email address list.

Using up to 255 fields of information you have stored for each of your recipients (or contacts) you can create highly personalized messages and templates. For example if you have the name field and city field for each recipiend you can send personalized email that could say “Hey, Joe. I have a special deal for those in Dallas” and the name and city will be specific for each recipient.

You can also personalize subject lines which is quite important in getting people to open your emails. People are more likely to open and email which says “Hey, Joe in Dallas I have something special for you.” Ok you get the idea. We will leave Joe alone for now. Group Mail also supports sending attachments.

GroupMail also respects the privacy of your members. Your members will never see the other newsletter recipient email addresses in cc or bcc fileds. You can also format your emails with bold, color italic just as if you were sending your email from Outlook.

You can make sure your newsletter is CAN-SPAM compliant with automated subscription, removal and filtering. You have the choice of sending messages directly to your recipients from your desktop, or through a dedicate email server using multiple connections. Bounces also are handled automatically. You can even send personalized wireless mobile SMS text messages to recipients using an email to SMS gateway tool. Messages can be scheduled for future delivery dates.

GroupMail is an easy to use intuitive software. Overall if you are looking for an email marketing solution which is run from your computer rather than a script hosted on a server GroupMail is a good choice with a long track record of success.

What you really have to consider is whether you want to run your email program from your computer or you want to put an email marketing script right on your own server. When you send out to large lists the program takes quite a bit of resources so it might be a good idea to keep the program on a separate computer. The advantage to having the software on your own computer is that you have total control. No server administrator is going to shut down your account abitrarily because of a false complaint. The advantage to a web based solution is that you can run your software anywhere. If you are interested in a web based solution I have written a review of several online based options here.
Click here to download our module which will allow you to have access to over 50 pieces of marketing software for free as well as Group Mail.

Here is a video which teaches you how to set up an account with Group Mail Business Edition.

Here is a video which teaches you how to import recipients into GroupMail Business Edition.

Group Mail Free Download

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