5 Surprisingly Simple Hacks I am Using to Convert Visitors to Sales with Classified Ads


Offer your customers great deals

1. Offer Your Visitors a Great Deal!

Who are you visitors? What problems are they trying to solve? What is your competition offering and for how much? Your classified ad should be tailored specifically to your market and you should be simply offering a better deal than your competition. Rack your brain thinking how you can offer the maximum value to your clients. Think what you would want if you were going to be your own customer. Try to think of bonuses or any type of unique extra value you can offer your clients to make you stand out from the competition.

It does not matter how many visitors you get if you are offering a mediocre deal to your clients. They may see your offer but they will take a pass if you are not offering them a genuine great deal. It has to be a real value not some fake bonus. You need to come up with unique real value in your offer. It is a waste of time driving traffic to an offer which is just like everybody else’s offer. Be different, offer more, and be real!

2. Catch Your Visitor’s Attention with Titles That Compel The Reader to Click Your Ad to Read Further


The first thing your potential visitor’s will see is the title of your ad. If it intrigues them to click your ad to learn more you have succeeded in step one in capturing your visitor’s attention.

Go to Craigslist of Backpage.com and look at the titles of ads in your category. Which one’s would you click on? Study other successful marketer’s titles. Check your inbox for emails with catchy titles that you opened. You only have a few words to capture your visitor’s attention and to get him to read further. Take your time coming up  with your titles. They are crucial. They are your first impression and you do not get a second chance at a first impression.

Remember, your only goal with titles is to get the visitor to click your ad to read further. Do not try to sell them your whole program in the title. Goal= Get the visitor to click ad to read more. Focus!

3. The Entire Focus of The Body of Your Ad Should be to get the Visitor to Take One Specific Action

How to get your visitors to take action

Do not try to sell the prospect on your whole program in your ad body. Now that you have them reading your ad you do not want to confuse them with lengthy ad copy. Do you want your prospect to call you, email you, or to click your link to visit your website?

Keep it simple. Give your prospect several benefits for taking the specific action that you want them to take. You can use bullet points, each with a specific benefit that the viewer will receive if they take the action that you want them to take. Take your time on each bullet point and make each benefit really juicy!

Your ad copy should be short, punchy, and clearly point out the substantial benefits your reader will receive if they take the 1 specific action that you are asking them to take.

Do Not Try to Explain Your Whole Program in 1 Small Classified Ad! The Goal of the Ad Preferably is to get the Prospect to Visit Your Website to Learn More.

4. Tell The Prospect What to do and Make it Really Easy for Them to do so.

Spell it out! If you want them to call you say “Call me here.” If you want them to visit your website clearly say “Click Here to Learn More” or “Click Here to get Your Specific Benefit.” This is called a call to action. Do not assume people are going to click on your link to learn more. Tell them to do so.

It is amazing how many people will simply do what you tell them to do. You must have 1 clear and specific call to action telling the prospect exactly what you want them to do and what it in it for them if they do so.

5. You Must Follow Up!


Marketers really get hung up on this one because everybody wants to make money right away. But think about your last purchase online. Did you just see a website cold, about a product or service you had never hear of before and just buy the first time you saw the ad copy? Probably not.

Maybe you did some research online. Maybe you emailed the owners of the website and asked some questions. If you finally did order it might have been weeks after your initial contact.

Well, your prospects are just like you. They need more info. They need to be reassured. One of the best tools for following up is an autoresponder. You can read all about autoresponders here. This is a tool which will automatically follow up with your prospects with timed email newsletters after they subscribe from your website.

It has been proven that prospects need an average of 7 follow ups before they buy. I suggest you follow up with your prospects if you want to maximize the sales from the traffic you generate.

If you are sending traffic to a page without a follow up system your prospect only has one opportunity to buy from you, the first and only contact they have with your site. And this is the time when they are least likely to buy. You are throwing away money on advertising if you do not have an autorepsonder system following up for you giving your prospects more info about you and your business.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Getting traffic is not enough these days in the competitive online marketplace. You need to offer a great value and keep following up with your prospects to make sure they get the message.

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