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Watch Me Set Up a Blog on Bluehost For the First Time Live in Real Time!


Here is a video I just made this morning showing me setting up a blog on Bluehost for the first time live in real time. I had never set up a blog before on Bluehost so I was not familiar with their one click system for blog set up.

The only part where it was a bit confusing was after I created the blog it directed to an upgrade page where I could upgrade to a premium theme. However, I found out that if I just wait a stripe notice and the top of the page will appear saying your blog has been set up.

From there you can click through to get the log in details of your blog.

Here is the video:

Remember this is the first time I did this and there are no pauses in the video. It is in real time. I am figuring it out as I go. That being said I set up the blog in just a few minutes. Next time will be faster.

Bluehost offers a great deal on hosting. They have a special for around $3 per month and they include a free domain name with this which is worth $10.

On top of that, if you sign up from my affiliate link here I will set up your initial blog for you for free! You will not have to worry about any technical issues at first with the blog. It will get set up. Just contact me after you order from my link at info at and send me your log in details (please change your password afterwards). I will then set up your blog for you and send you your blog log in.

All this for free on my end!

To get started with your blog on Bluehost please visit here.

Much Success!



P.S. If you are wondering why you should even set up a blog here are 10 good reasons.