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Why The “Make Money From Home” Niche is not the Best Niche to “Make Money From Home”

Business Opportunity Scams

I know I am going to step on some toes here.  Most of my current customers are promoting some business opportunities. Most are beginners at marketing and I think that most would be better served and make more money promoting something else.

Most of My Customer Would Be Better Off Promoting Something Other Than Business Opportunities

When most people start their journey to learning how to make money online guess what they find? You guessed it, make money online deals. These are programs which generally pitch a business opportunity over a product and the pitch basically a variation of “Make Money do Nothing.”

After having promoted thousands of such deals for people with my Classified Ad Posting Service I have found that the Make Money From Home niche is generally not the easiest way to  “Make Money From Home.” Here is why:

Most “Business Opportunity Programs” start off with a lie. Sorry to be so blunt but most people promoting biz opps are lying. They are not making $10,000 per week, $2000. per week or most likely $2. per week. Most people promoting biz opps are broke people promoting a fake opportunity to other broke people.

The Basic Pitch of Most Business Opportunity Type Programs is a Lie

The pitch is usually some form of “make money do nothing” pitch and the numbers are generally over the top unrealistic. You rarely see a biz opp being promoted saying “Work Hard For Several Years and If you Provide Top Quality Service You Could Eventually Make a Decent Living. It Will Be Slow at First but Hang in There and Eventually With Grit and Perseverance You Have a Chance at Making a Reasonable Living”

When you promote something with a lie you create unrealistic expectations. If you pitch “Make $10,000 per week in your underwear while comotose we do all the work for you no selling, no talking, just sign up and watch money magically appear in your account while you drink beer in front of the tv” and then when people join they find out that they actually have to work they might be somewhat disappointed.

99% of People of Get Involved with Make Money From Home Programs Quit

Almost all people who sign up for business opportunities quit. I have promoted thousands of business opportunities with my classified ad submission service. It does not matter how much promotion I do for them I know that if they are promoting business opportunities they eventually will leave that opportunity. My long term customers are generally those outside the biz opp niche.

Most “Biz Oppers” Are Promoting Cookie Cutter Sites. They Are Offering Nothing Original or Unique Compared to the 1000’s of Other People Promoting The Exact Same Offer and Exact Same Page.

How do you expect to expect to stand out of the crowd when you are promoting the exact same thing as thousands of other people? What is unique about your offer? Nothing. So why should people give you their email address or money? If you are just promoting the same standard cookie cutter page as everybody else you have no marketing edge. If you do promote a business opportunity I suggest setting up your own website offering some unique bonuses for joining under you. I will set up your website for free if you order web hosting and domain from my link here.

Biz opp people get addicted to the “dream” but never actually want to work to develop that dream. I had a neighbor like this. He was always signing up for the latest and greatest deal.  When I gave him ideas on how to better promote his business though he balked. He just did not want to dig into the details. He just wanted to “do deals.”

When You Pitch “Make Money Do Nothing” You Attract People Who Want to “Make Money by Doing Nothing”

He never made any money and is now losing his mind in a publicly funded senior living facility broke. The “dream” can become a nightmare.

When People Find Out That They Actually Have to Learn New Skills and Apply Themselves They Quit And or Move Onto The Next B.S. Biz Opp Promising Them The Dream

I understand why people join business opportunities. They are looking for a way to make money online and usually when you search for those terms you find “biz opp” deals. So you start to promote those. If you actually work hard to promote the business opportunity it can be a great learning experience. But most people do not want to dig in and learn the ropes of internet marketing, seo, video marketing, email marketing, sms marketing and the like. They just want to “make money do nothing.”

If People Actually Dig in And Really Promote Their Business Opportunity It Can Be a Great Learning Experience

Of course this is logical. If they were attracted by that pitch in the first place then that is exactly what they want to do. But they lose because they do not make money, they usually lose money and they do not learn anything because they do not want to learn real internet marketing.

I see many people promoting generic biz opp pages without an opt in or just as bad the opt in form of the company. Marketers should be concentrating on building their OWN lists first not the list of some company that they have a 99% chance of quiting’s list.

When I Tell People They Need To Build Their Own List and Get An Autoresponder Their Eyes Glaze Over

But when I tell people they need an autoresponder their eyes glaze over. All the information is out there and anybody of reasonable intelligence can do the research on how to get an autorepsonder service but most Biz Opper’s are afflicted with ADD. If you do not have a list you need to start building one right now and you can get an autoresponder here.

If You Are Promoting A Biz Opp You Should Have Your Own Autoresponder, YouTube Channel, Blog with your Own Domain Name.

If you are promoting a biz opp you should have your own blog, autoresponder, and youtube channel giving people helpful tips and promoting your community. Keep in mind you will almost definitely be quitting your business opportunity so wouldn’t it be better to have  a list of subscribers who are interested in you and your general topic so that if you switch programs you still have an audience?

You are not going to make it just promoting somebody else’s landing page. You can get your own domain, blog and web hosting here and if you order from my link I will even set up the blog for you for free.

The Biz Opp Market is Super Crowded With Everybody Pitching the Same “Make Money Do Nothing” Pitch

Another reason not to promote business opportunities is because the niche is overcrowded with people saying the same things over and over. How many ways can you say “make money do nothing?” Go to the business opportunity section of Backpage and just look at the titles. The same type of pitches over and over. The business opportunity niche is tough, you are promoting a lie, appealing to lazy people, and everybody quits.

You Are Promoting a Lie, Appealing to Lazy People and Everybody Quits

So what is the answer? Promote a real product or service that offers real value to people. What are you good at? Do you have hobbies? You could probably do a YouTube channel and blog and your hobby and sell all kinds of related products to your viewers. Do you like to fish? Do you like to put on Makeup? There are probably thousands of other people who do too.

The Answer is To Promote  Real Products or Services and to Develop Your Own Audience.

You can develop your audience by giving helpful tips on YouTube, your blog, your own podcast and sell real products.

Do You Have a Hobby or Passion or is Their Something You Are Good At? Chances Are They Are Thousands of People Like You. Develop Products and Services Around Your Existing Areas of Knowledge.

You can also sell services. Having a valuable service is one of the FASTEST ways to make money online. You can beat the big boys by offering a service with a personal touch.

You can create your own ebook on your area of expertise and sell it on Clickbank, JVZ00 and many other affiliate networks. You can then get other affiliates selling your products for you.

You can start your own forum on the topic and or your own classified ad on the topic. You will most likely have less competition and better response developing real websites around your current areas of expertise than wasting time on get rich quick schemes. Eventually get rich quick schemes become get broke quick schemes.

Almost Any Other Niche is Better Than The Make Money From Home Niche. Develop a Community Around Your Existing Interests and Expertise and You Most Likely Will Find Better Long Terms Success.

Yes it will take work, you will have to learn new skills like ftp, and managing a real website on your own domain, video marketing, email marketing and more. It will be frustrating and it will take time but all the info is available for free online. I even taught myself to program my own software using Ubot and I have no formal training.

Yes it will take work, you will have to learn new skills like ftp, and managing a real website on your own domain, video marketing, email marketing and more.

If you want to promote a business opportunity go for it. Set up your own blog, your own autoresponder system, build your list, learn seo, get creative and work it. Forget the make money do  nothing mentality.

People like you and me are not going to win the lottery or inherit money from some rich uncle. We need to hustle so if you want to make some money it is time to get your hustle on.

Here is an example of some people who took their existing knowledge and turned it into a fun profitable home business. The LaCroix family are hard hunting,fishing, Cajun rednecks with a passion for the outdoors. They started filming what they already did which was fishing in the Bayous, and Gulf, shooting guns in the woods and just having a good old “Laissez les bon temps roulez” good time in Louisiana. Their YouTube channel gets millions of views. They get sponsorships to promote fishing and hunting products and working online has changed their lives.

Check out this video by Heather LaCroix who tells their story of finding success online. What are you good at? Maybe you could start your own YouTube channel and blog around that topic and create a real business for you and your family rather than some fake biz opp deal which will go out of business in a year.

Check Out These Cajun Rednecks Who Created a Successful Online Business Around Their Passion for Fishing and The Outdoors!

This Guy Created a Business Teaching People How to Live Out of a Van!

Here is another amazing example of somebody taking his passion and creating a business from it. This guy created an entire business out of teaching people how to live out of a van! He has a great website. Lots of ideas on off grid type living. He sells, solar panels, knives, portable toilets, ebooks, and rv related material. Check out his website here. This is some excellent advice on how to make money when on the road.

I am not here to step on your dreams and I know some people will be offended by this but I felt it needed to be said. You can make money online but you have to treat it like a real business not like a lottery ticket and be creative! You are unique. What can you bring to market which is unique and offers value? Food for thought. Always here to help and all the best.




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