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An Ultimate Guide to Creating Profitable Faceless YouTube Channels – Dive Into 5 Profitable Niches!

An Ultimate Guide to Creating Profitable Faceless YouTube Channels - Dive Into 5 Profitable Niches!

Hello everyone! Today, we are delving into a fascinating world of YouTube automation channels. I’ll guide you through five remarkably profitable niches where you can create your own faceless channel. You’ll not only have the potential to reap the immense benefits from the YouTube Partner Program but also create additional revenue from products, services, and affiliate marketing. Let’s get started!

1. The Wannabe Billionaire Niche

Meet the first niche – the “Wannabe Billionaire” niche. A perfect example to cite here is Alux.com. They are not just any random “make money online” platform; instead, they sell the dream of becoming an opulent billionaire or multimillionaire.

“Alux.com is the largest community of luxury and fine living enthusiasts worldwide.”

Let’s deep dive into their content.

Alux.com’s Content: Selling the Dream

The channel is all about selling the dream of being rich – a lifestyle fantasized by many. With videos like “15 signs you’re cool”, “15 things that make people dislike rich”, and “15 things that make people instantly like you”, Alux targets those aspiring to live luxuriously.

Monetizing the Dream: More Than Just YouTube Partner Program

One of Alux’s primary revenue streams is through the YouTube Partner program. However, they also monetize their brand in several other ways – by selling merchandise via their online store, offering comprehensive courses on various topics, and promoting affiliate programs.

2. The Investment & Personal Finance Niche

The second vibrant niche is personal finance and investment. For instance, Chris Invest, with 132k subscribers, thrives in explaining the sophisticated concepts of finance via whiteboard videos.

Deep Dive into Chris Invest’s Content

Chris Invest is replete with basic content about finance and personal savings.

“Personal Finance 101: The Basics”, “10 Essential Money Tips for Beginners”, “How to Create a Budget & Stick to It” are some of the enlightening topics one can find here.

You can make similar videos with diverse topics and monetize them through Google AdSense and other methods.

3. The Natural Ways & Remedies Niche

The next profitable niche is the natural remedies or natural living niche. Taking care of health in a more sustainable and natural way has piqued people’s interest over the years. A noteworthy example of this niche is Natural Ways, which successfully accrues 1.63 million followers.

Digging into Natural Ways’ Content

Natural Ways’ content ranges from home remedies, gardening hacks to how to use something as simple as coconut oil as toothpaste. The information can be formatted into short, engaging videos which can be easily put together with programs like Nvidia.

Monetization Ideas for the Natural Niche

Remember, Natural Ways may not have extraordinarily high earnings, but they have a mammoth following. Affiliate marketing with different natural vitamins, healing products, supplements can generate remarkable revenue for the channel as natural ways to wellness is trending.

4. The Retirement Niche

The fourth niche is the retirement niche, an industry that caters to older people looking to have a comfortable retired life. One can develop content around finance, housing, lifestyle, and several other aspects of living a fruitful retired life, like seen in Scary Harry’s channel. His channel has a simple format and dives into topics of great interest for retired or soon-to-be retirees.

5. The AI Hotspot

Lastly, let’s venture into the hot and trending world of artificial intelligence. The industry is broad, and your focus can be either on AI tools or AI news. An intriguing example of this niche is Future Unity, who have been killing it around AI.

Monetizing the AI Wave


Just like any other niche, you can monetize this AI content by being affiliated with an AI tool company that offers good commissions per lead. You can even start your own blog or newsletter to generate revenue and increase your influence in the AI world.

I hope this guide has given you some great ideas to get started with your own faceless channel. Additionally, if you need more guidance, there’s a step-by-step course on how to create thriving YouTube automation channels by Dave Nick, a young entrepreneur doing wonders on YouTube.

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