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How to Run Any Windows Software 24/7 Even on a Mac or Outdated Windows Versions


If you have windows xp (which is no longer supported by microsoft) or you have a MAC computer you might find that it is impossible to run some software on your computer because they require Windows 8.1 or later operating system.

This is the case with the ad posting software we well at www.coolmarketingsoftware.com. Many people have not been able to run our software because of these limitations. Well, we have found an outstanding solution. Here it is:

This Video Shows Me Running Software on a Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Get a Virtual Windows VPS

What is a virtual windows VPS? It is simply a windows computer running on a server hosted by a web hosting company. The operating system is almost identical to windows 7-10. So it is very intuitive to use if you ever have used a windows computer.

Basically you lease this remote windows computer and you can log in any time using Remote Desktop Connection from any computer. Remote Desktop Connection is on all windows computers already and if you have a Macintosh you can download the version for MAC here.

You can also download Microsoftware Remote Desktop Connection for MAC here.

So here is what you do if you want to run our software or any windows software remotely:

  1. Lease a Virtual Windows VPS. You can get one here. can give you a 2 gig Windows vps for a little over $10. per month. The more RAM you get the faster the server.  For the hostname just make up something like “server.yourname100.com” It does not have to be a real domain name. Windows Server 2019 is a good choice for operating system. 
  2. Log into your Windows VPS from your XP or MAC computer using Remote Desktop Connection.
  3. Copy the software onto your MAC or XP computer then paste it into the downloads folder of the Remote Windows VPS.
  4. Right click and run as administrator the software you want to run on the Windows VPS

Everything else is exactly the same as running the software on an updated Windows computer because that is exactly what you are doing. You have simply leased a virtual windows machine which you can log into at anytime from not only your XP or MAC computer but from any computer in the world and run your software.

Here are some advantages of running your software on a remote Windows Machine even if you already have an updated version of Windows on your home computer.

With a Remote Windows VPS server you can run your bots 24/7 even if your home computer is turned off!

Do you keep your computer turned on 24/7? Most people do not. However, if you are running your software remotely all you have to do is log into your remote server, set up your campaigns, then log off and the Windows VPS server will continue to run your programs 24/7. Your windows VPS server does not depend on your internet connection on your home computer.

A Remote Windows VPS Server Frees Up Your Computer Resources On Your Home Computer

Even if you have an updated version of Windows on your computer running multiple instances of software all day can consume large amounts of resources on your home computer making all your other work go more slowly. If you have a dedicated Windows VPS then this will free up your home computer resources and allow you to be more efficient.

A Remote Windows VPS Server Will Allow You to Run Multiple Softwares All at The Same Time 24/7

You will be able to run multiple software at the same time on the Windows VPS allowing you to get even more work done.

A Remote Windows VPS Server Will Give You A Real US ip Address Immediately

The remote Windows VPS I recommend is based in Los Angeles. The ip address of the computer is then of course from Los Angeles California. If you are outside the USA having a US ip address for certain projects can be helpful.

A Remote Windows VPS Server is Ideal for Outsourcing

Even though I have an updated version of windows on all my home computers I still use a Remote Windows VPS to run my software. The reason is that I outsource much of my submission work. I just give my outsourced worker the log in to the Windows VPS and they can log in at any time to do their work. Time zones mean nothing since the server is live 24/7. Also I do not have to give a worker access to my main computer.

You Can Log in From Work or from Any Computer in the World and Run Your Software With A Windows VPS

What if you are at work and you want to run your software? Or what if you are traveling? With a Windows VPS you can log in from any computer anywhere, set up your campaigns, and then log off. Or if you were in an airport you could plug in your laptop, set up your campaigns, remotely on the VPS then catch your plane.

As you can see there are many benefits to having a Windows VPS if you are serious about running your software.

You can order your Windows VPS here. You need at least 2 gigs of RAM.

Running a Windows VPS is Simple. If you can work any windows home computer you will have no problems. It is almost exactly the same set up.

See here to learn more about our marketing software that you could run on your own Virtual Windows VPS

Here is a video showing you exactly how to connect to a PC using Microsoft Remote Desktop from a MAC.