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LeadPages, Instapages, and Click Funnels Vs. Thrive Content Builder

thrive content builder

I was researching a simple and effective service to recommend to set up mobile friendly opt in pages and landing pages.

Most of my customers are not focusing on building their list first and I know that if I could convince them to start setting up landing pages to get opt ins that they would be much more successful.

Personally, I am using Thrive Content Builder wordpress plugin with wordpress and my own domain name. However, this requires a bit of technical know how and I wanted to recommend a plug and play system that would be easier.

Prices Start From $37. -$97 Per Month Just to Host Landing Pages. Crazy!

I had been recommending Instapage which is an excellent web based landing page and squeeze page creator. However they just bumped up their prices to $76. per month for the minimum package! Very expensive. That is almost $1000. per year just for landing pages!

I Was Recommending Instapage But They Raised Their Prices to $76. Per Month!

My research showed me that prices ranged from a minimum of $27 per month to $97 per month for the basic package. Many of these require a 6-12 month payment up front and limit the amount of views per month you can get to your page.

Hey, it is a form that you need. A really good opt in form. There is no need to pay $1000. per year for the right to have an opt in form. You can hire a helluva a web designer to create the most bad ass mobile ready optin in form on the planet for that kind of money.

You Could Hire A Helluva Web Designer to Build You A Bad Ass Landing Page for $1000. Per Year!

I love Thrive Content Builder! It has all the functions of the top instant squeeze page creators and it just costs $67. one time fee! The only issue is that you have to set it up on your own domain and wordpress installation and I thought that was just too complicated for some people.

But then I began to think. Is it really that complicated. Actually not at all. This is all you need to do:

  1. Get your own domain name. You can get your own domain name here for about $10. per year.
  2. Get your own web hosting account. You can get one here for $3.49 per month.
  3. Set up wordpress on your domain and web hosting. This is free. If you do not know how to do it I will set it up for you for free if you purchase the hosting from my affiliate link here.  See here for details on this offer.
  4. Get Thrive Leads plug in for a $67. one time fee here.
  5. Install the plugin. If you have problems installing the plugin let me know and I can do it for a small fee.

With Thrive Content Builder You Can Have Unlimited Landing Pages on Your Own Domain for $118. Per Year!

Now that you have Thrive Content Builder  on your own domain name you can set up unlimited beautiful mobile friendly squeeze pages for just the cost of your hosting and your domain name. Here are your costs:

Hosting: $41.88 per year

WordPress installation: Free

Domain name: $10. per year

Thrive Content Plugin: $67 one time fee.

Total cost first year= $118.

Cost with Instapage most basic plan: $912.

Not only does Thrive Content Builder make great opt in landing pages but they create beautiful professional websites. I built my website at www.coolmarketingsoftware.com using Thrive Content Builder.

Thrive Content Builder Also Makes Killer Websites!

I hope this helps you save big money on building your landing pages. If you can just get through some of the initial tech stuff you can save a bundle and have more control of your campaigns.

We are here to help as well.

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