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$22,549 Paid in Affiliate Commissions for Classifiedsubmissions.com


The Classifiedsubmissions.com has been a nice little money maker for my affiliates. I know most programs throw around huge numbers “make $8000. per week even while eating ice cream in front of your tv” but the only thing true about this statement is the tv and ice cream part. We have paid to date over $22,000. in affiliate commissions to date! Take a look at the screen shot of our admin panel below:

Classifiedsubmissions.com affiliate payout

Classifiedsubmissions.com affiliate payout

Our classified ad submission service is a real service, and a real good deal for both the clients and the affiliates. Affiliates are earning 50% recurring commissions because we offer a great deal for the customers for the price therefore it is easy to sell. For just 39.95 here is what the client gets:

1. A beautiful html ad ready to post on major classified ads sites.- $39.95 value alone.

2. Their ad posted on every single US city (500+) on the 2nd highest traffic classified ad site in the world! This is an Alexa 400 site meaning that there are only 400 sites out of billions which get more traffic than this site.-Easily alone a $39.95 value.

3. The html ad (that we create for them) submitted to every single major US city (100+) on the 10th busiest classified ad site with an Alexa of about 20000.

4. Submission to a high quality database of over 2000+ smaller advertising sites which generate excellent traffic. – A $39.95 value alone.

5. Creation of a special email address where they can see the hundreds of email confirmations coming in live from all out submissions. We do this so your main email address is not over run by email confirmations.- A $10. Value.

6. We confirm all emails for the clients. The client does not have to click emails confirmation links at all! Most of the ads stay live for at least 30 days and some stay live for up to 6 months! This means that traffic not only comes in right when we do the submissions bit well afterwards.

We perform all the services above for just $39.95! Plus we pay out 50% commissions to our affiliates.

The whole reason I started this service was because of demand. I own my own classified ad site, www.thefreeadforum.com/ads. I was getting requests for this type of service because it is so tedious to submit classified ads. I experimented with various methods of posting ads and came up with this service. I get sales literally every day. Many are affiliate generated sales.

I Get Sales Everyday With This Program!

The bottom line is that this service is in high demand, a great deal for everybody, therefore an easy recurring sale for affiliates. You can register for free for the affiliate program here. You can get banners, links, and affiliate tips here.

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