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Copy and Paste This Email to Earn $148.50 Commissions!

Make money selling discounted software from Coolmarketingsoftware.com

You can earn 50% commissions by specifically promoting the “Get All Our Software” offer. All you have to do is copy and paste the letter below, insert your affiliate link then send this email out to your list.

You will be offering all 5 of our pro software for a 30% discount. This will allow your audience to create a non stop ad submission machines.

1. Sign up for free for our Coolmarketingsoftware.com affiliate program here.

2. Modify the letter below to include your affiliate link and your personal information.

3. Copy and paste the letter below into your email marketing system.

4. Send your email to your list. You can also share the letter on social media.

Make sure you replace where is says “yourid” with your affiliate username.

Below is the sales letter you can send to your list and/or post on social media.


Title/Headline: Get 5 Pro Ad Submitters 30% Off!

Ad Body:


Matt from Coolmarketingsoftware has decided to offer a huge discount to those who want to get ALL our his software at once. Then create a non stop ad posting marketing machine.

Visit here to get the package now: https://www.coolmarketingsoftware.com/get-all-our-software/?ref=yourid

Here is what you get:

Osclass Submitter– Posts to 26 high traffic sites automatically. Unlimited campaigns. No captchas needed. Buy once then post practically free forever.

ClassAdsCom Easy Submitter– Posts ads automatically to one of the most established classified ad websites. Classifiedads.com.

Omni Reply– This clever software replies to ads which are being monitored closely by advertisers. Reverse advertising works!

TheFreeAdForumProSubmitter- Posts up to 500 ads per day on TheFreeAdForum.com which has over 500k members and growing.

AdReply 3.0– This is our latest reply software. Your message goes directly into the inbox of other advertisers. This software gets eyeballs on your offers every time. It is up to you to have a compelling message.

To get all this software now at almost 30% discount visit: https://www.coolmarketingsoftware.com/get-all-our-software/?ref=yourid

Much Success,



End of Email


Go ahead and customize the above email for your list and with your affiliate links. Then you can start promoting this win win offer and earn multiple $148. commissions!