How to Get Your Ads to Go Live on how to get ads to go live

I was posting ads on using the automatic classified ad posting software and I noticed that only the first ad that I posted was going live. All the other ads were deleted!

So how do I deal with this problem?

Here is how I solved the problem:

1. Just post one ad.

If you are using the software stop the program after you post one ad.

2. Go to your email inbox of the email address you used to post the ad.

edit your ad on

3. Click on the link in the email from that says “Edit.”

4. will ask you to create a password. Choose a password. create an account

5. Go back to the ClassAdsCom software and start posting as many ads as you wish. automatic classified ad posting software

6. Log into your account with here.

7. Click Publish Your Ads.

You will see that there is a little button which says “Publish” next to each ad that you have posted. Just click those publish buttons and your ads will go live. It is very quick. You can click 100 ads easily within a minute. publish ads

That is it! All your subsequent ads that you publish after you post the first one and confirm your account will go live. So far it is working 100%! is one of the most popular classified ad sites online after Backpage and Craigslist.

You can post your ads manually but if you want to save hours of time you can use our automatic ad posting software here.



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