Master the Art of Autopilot Advertising with Osclass Submitter 5.1

Osclass Submitter 5.1 Updated Blasts 1k Ads Per Day to 26 Websites!

Welcome to the dynamic world of automatic ad posting! Today we’re discussing Osclass Submitter 5.1, an automatic ad posting software we’ve recently simplified, brought to you by This innovative tool disseminates ads to 26 unique, high traffic sites on autopilot, posting up to 1,000 ads per run. But wait, it gets even better! The software allows you to advertise numerous projects and affiliates, tracking them all within the simple-to-use interface.

The Osclass Advantage

This unique software offers unlimited advertising potential that executes automatically, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. Originally designed for use with Google Chrome on Windows 8.1 or later, Mac users can also harness the software’s capabilities utilizing a Windows VPS.

“Its ability to spread ads across 26 high traffic websites makes Osclass Submitter a very cost-effective tool for advertisement.”

Setting Up Your Ad Posting

To start posting ads automatically, you must register an account on the desired sites. Your registration name should reflect your business name or personal name, depending on how you wish to appear on the classified ad site.


One-Time Registration, Infinite Possibilities

Once you have registered, the software will sequentially create accounts on all the listed sites using Chrome installed on your computer. Once account setup is complete, you need to click the confirmation links sent to your registered email id to establish your account.

“You can handle as many programs as you like, making it perfect for those seeking to promote multiple affiliate products.”

Ad Formation & Submission

After confirming all the accounts, you begin by filling out the information for your ad, including the email and password used to register the accounts. You can then upload an image or text for your ad, insert keywords, provide local information about the ad (including optional phone details), and most importantly, input your website or affiliate link. This is also your chance to embed a YouTube video link that will appear in the ad itself if you so wish.


Next, specify the number of ad postings you want (up to 1,000 per run) before clicking ‘Start Posting.’ The software will then automatically submit your ad systematically across all 26 sites while you focus on other tasks. Additionally, there are no CAPTCHA codes to fill out during this process.

Premium Access for Additional Exposure

If you’re looking to enhance your ads’ reach, upgrading them to premium will boost your platform for outreach. This will position your ads at the top of both your category and the homepage, providing direct links to your landing page or website and increasing the chance of opt-ins.

The International Edge

While primarily designed for ad posting within the United States, Osclass Submitter 4.7 does not restrict your ad reach to just one country. Instead, it enables international ad postings across numerous countries, offering a global outreach capacity.


Unlimited Opportunities

To summarize, purchasing this software is a one-time financial commitment that provides unlimited advertising potential. The software comes with an optional $25/year package for the latest updates, but, even without it, you can still utilize the software for infinite promotions. Simply start testing different ad strategies, and if one isn’t effective, efficiently switch gears to the next one. It’s a cost-effective, flexible method designed for success.

If you’re ready to explore the ease of autopilot advertising, click here to download the software instantly. You can also check out a detailed video tutorial for further insights into the product’s capabilities on our YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe to stay updated on the latest software developments, tips, and so much more.

Happy advertising!


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