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The 3 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs


Profit from a product that’s essential in this digital age: Web Hosting. In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the most lucrative web hosting affiliate programs out there, two of which I’ve been a personal customer so you’ll hear my experiences firsthand. I’ll also highlight one you should avoid like the plague. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Making Killer Commissions

Imagine this: earning a whopping $200 commission from a meager $29.95 customer expense. That’s what you can make through certain high-paying affiliate programs in the web hosting sphere. With other affiliate programs, you can earn even more per sale as your sales volume increases. But always remember: large commissions should never be your main driver when recommending companies. More significantly, the company needs to be reliable and provide excellent service.

Let’s delve into three intriguing web hosting affiliate programs. Interestingly, two of them are companies I had firsthand experience with as a customer.

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a prominent player in the market, providing a variety of services from simple web hosting for a few dollars per month, to full-on dedicated servers. They have a commission structure that escalates according to the number of sales you make. You could earn a $55 commission for selling just one web hosting package.

For instance, look at this: A \$1.99 per month hosting package (if opted for a year), fetches you a \$55 commission. That's quite a generous amount considering the customer is only paying \$1.99 per month!If you start bagging loads of sales, the commission goes up. Selling 21 or more packages per month fetches you a hefty \$125 per sale.

*The linked prices may vary.

The saga of A2 hosting affiliate programs doesn’t end there. They offer real-time affiliate stats (a major plus), and they manage their affiliate program in-house—no third-party intermediaries involved. Their program also features “long cookie life” of 90 days. Nevertheless, the downside is their payment method – they only provide payouts via Paypal.

However, their affiliate program compensates by offering wire transfers for payout totals of $1000 or more.

2. Scala Hosting

Next on the list is Scala Hosting. While I’ve not been a customer, I can vouch for their highly responsive customer service.

They boast a tiered commission structure depending on the packages sold. Selling 1-5 web hosting packages bags you $50 per sale. For 11-20 sales, you can earn up to $100 a month on the web hosting package.

Like A2, Scala also does everything in-house, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. They run a top-notch control panel, provide an affiliate manager for your assistance, and a “long” cookie period of 60 days. However, as a heads up, they do not offer dedicated servers, something to consider if that’s what you want to sell.

3. Colo House (Formerly Known as Turnkey Internet)

As a customer of Colo House (previously Turnkey Internet), I can advocate for their superior web hosting service. I house both a VPS and a dedicated server with them, and their uptime is commendable.

They offer a range of services and their commission structure is quite generous. For web hosting, you can make $60 a sale; for VPS, $120; and for dedicated servers, you can make a whopping $220 per sale. They also offer a $100 sign-on bonus for your first commission and an additional $20 for every Black Friday sale. However, Colo House uses Commission Junction for their affiliate management and their cookie period is 90 days.

The Black Sheep: IO Zoom

The web hosting industry isn’t short of black sheep either. One company I highly recommend avoiding is IO Zoom. While their Windows VPS offerings are satisfactory, they have demonstrated poor business ethics by refusing to pay owed affiliate commissions.


Over time, I’ve accrued $170 in unpaid commissions from IO Zoom, and despite repeated follow-ups, they have remained unresponsive. On top of this, their customer support quality is just average.

So here’s a friendly piece of advice: Stay Away from IO Zoom.

In A Nutshell

Web hosting affiliate programs are undoubtedly some of the most high-ticket earners out there. In recommending these services, however, it’s crucial to prioritize providing value to the customer above making a large commission yourself.

Colo House, in my experience, takes the crown for their incredible service, competitive prices, and fantastic commission offerings.


The world of web hosting is rife with opportunities. Check out affiliate programs in this space—they are extremely profitable if you connect with people in need of hosting.

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Thanks for reading, and best of luck in your affiliate marketing journey.