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How I Am Getting Ads to Go Live On Backpage 2016



I have been experimenting with our Backpage Easy Ad Submitter software to see what works and what does not work when it comes to getting your ads to go live. Here is what I found.

  1. You should have a variety of ad copy. If you post the same ad over and over again your ad will most likely be deleted.
  2. Your ads are more likely to go live if you vary your titles as well. Be creative and come up with some different titles. You can see what your competition is doing and modify titles that you find compelling to suit your offer.
  3. Post with a fresh email address every day. It is easy to sign up for a free email account. Just sign up for a new one for each days ads. This will increase the chances of your ads going live.
  4. Try tailoring your offers to different categories on Backpage. Come up with a legitimate free offer and offer something for free in the buy , sell , trade, free section. Note if you advertise in this section you must have a real free offer. If you post a blatant business opportunity ad in the free section it might go live for awhile but moderators will take it down. This is normal because hey it is for free offers. Not a problem. You can offer a free video, free ebook, free personal coaching, a free service. Use your imagination. This is a great way to start a relationship with your prospect.

On one of my ads I am offering to set up a wordpress blog for free. The offer is legit. I will really do it. I posted it in the free section and it seems to be passing moderation just fine.

      5. Vary your website addresses or do not use a website link at all in your ad. Again if you post the same website link over and over this increases chances of the ad being ghosted or deleted. The simplest way around this issue is not to use a website link at all. Just ask people to respond to your ad by clicking the reply button. You can also include your phone number and ask people to call you. If you are willing to speak directly with your prospects this greatly increases your chances for doing business.

If you do not have a website link in the ad this is one less element to get blocked by Backpage. Often simplest is best.

6. Make your offer unique and valuable. If you have a truly great and unique offer you do not need that much traffic. Everything starts with the offer. If you are just repeating “make money do nothing” over and over your offer will get lost in the crowd of other similar offers.

7. Think long term and just post a consistent smaller amount of ads everyday rather than posting all the ads at once. You should think of your marketing more in terms of a building process. You will have much more success posting fewer ads consistently than blasting out all your ads at once. Remember the ads will renew and if you stagger your ads then at renewal time they will all start renewing consistently the following months giving you wider coverate.

Take my offer to set up their wordpress blog for free. Nobody else is offering that. It is a great deal. I direct them to my YouTube channel and then to my blog. There they can join my newsletter and become part of my audience. I will not need near as much traffic to see results as somebody repeating the same biz opp hype.

Plus when real moderators come by and see your ad they most likely will not delete it because your offer is real and valuable.

Here is a long term traffic building strategy for using Backpage and YouTube together.

I find that YouTube videos get posted quite easily on Backpage. If you do not have a YouTube account it is free to sign up and you can do so here.

Then make a simple YouTube video of YOU. You can use the webcam on your computer of get free screen recording software here.

Perhaps you could put together a list of your favorite free advertising resources and talk about it in the video. Think of what would be truly valuable for your audience. Maybe you could offer a free squeeze page or even offer to review their website and to publish the results on your YouTube channel. Use your imagination.

Publish your video and get the link to the video. You can now use this link and promote your offer on Backpage. Say, for example you had put together a list of your favorite free advertising resources. You can now advertise your new FREE VIDEO and FREE LIST of advertising resources in the free section of Backpage or other appropriate section.

When people visit your YouTube link they will get to know you and you can put a link to the website you are promoting in the description. You can even invite them to join your mailing list to get more such free valuable informative videos. If you are offering people free valuable information they are more likely to give your offer a good look.

The advantage of this method is that you are also building up your YouTube channel which will get you additional traffic maybe even more long term traffic than the initial Backpage ad itself. YouTube videos stay up forever and Backpage ads rotate off.

The two marketing methods can work together. Prospects can also subscribe to your YouTube channel and get notified of your new videos as they come out.

These ideas are just a start. You can use your imagination and come up with more.

Your comments are appreciated.

All the best,