The 25 Best-Designed Free Blogger Themes


Blogger is a popular service for blogs and other content-centric websites. One of the coolest features of the platform is the ability to use different themes. Themes can make a new blog easy for users to get used to, or they can rejuvenate a blog with a stale format. We’ve listed 20 of the best Blogger themes below.

1. HireMe – One of the most professional-looking Blogger themes is HireMe. It’s magazine-esque with its large centered images, and content is laid out vertically for easy access below. A sleek, text-based toolbar at the top brings it all together.

2. Brisk – Travel blogging is a huge market, and Brisk provides a great layout to get started with. It features a beach-themed color palette of warm colors and blues, as well as a beach wallpaper.

3. Simple Clean White – For Blogger users with a professional focus, Simple Clean White is a theme that is visually appealing but maintains a conservative look. Stylistic white and gray elements accentuate the two-column approach, and the navigation menu is equally compelling.

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4. X10 Masonry Transparent – Like HireMe, Masonry Transparent takes a magazine-style approach to the layout. Posts are listed as thumbnails with images, and the backgrounds are transparent so that users can enjoy the wallpaper.

5. X10 Masonry Dark – Like its brethren, Masonry Dark is one of the highest-rated templates. It functions exactly the same as the transparent alternative, but instead uses dark backgrounds to keep the focus on the content. Other variants include Mason Red and Masonry White.

6. Journic – An art-themed template, Journic doesn’t takes a lot of the standard Blogger layout and improves upon it. An abstract background is provided with emphasis on the title text, and posts appear clean over a white background.

7. Money Maker Theme – This is an excellent theme for those with monetized blogs. It provides tables for bio information at the top and incorporates ad space right next to the content of the blog. The default color scheme is a little bare, but that can be modified.

8. Magazine Basic – For bloggers seeking a neutral look, Magazine Basic is a great way to go. It features four columns with two sidebars, but puts emphasis on the latest post by making it bigger than the others.

9. WebTech – For blogs whose emphasis is technology, WebTech is a fitting theme. It has a symmetrical background with an interesting color scheme and two columns for content.

10. goBusiness – One of the most newcomer-friendly templates for Blogger is goBusiness. A large emphasis is placed on the static content, with space for a big image and a bio section at the top of the page. For blogs that have a lot of inbound links, goBusiness can be a useful theme for welcoming new visitors.

11. Coralle – For a template with a lot of visual flair, look no further than Coralle. Coralle has a unique color scheme that consists of dark grays and blues, and the layout is visually exciting as well.

12. STheme – Like the Simple Clean White template from earlier, STheme provides a conservative look in a contemporary package. There are three columns, and content is placed in the middle of the view. The background for content is white, while slightly darker backgrounds are used elsewhere to direct visitors’ eyes to the content.

13. GrainGrey – Photography or vacation blogs can benefit from implementing GrainGrey. The blog uses a layout that puts the emphasis on images, and the dark gray undertones help to make images stand out.

14. Extricate – Extricate takes a very minimalist approach. Sidebars are on either side of the page, with a large image and content in the center. This is another template that can benefit blogs that are heavy on images.

15. The Bloom Beauty – This template is actually adapted from a WordPress template. It features two columns and a right sidebar for content placement, and it is bursting with graphical elements. Its maker recommends it for female-oriented blogs.

16. HostHub – Tech-themed blogs will be interested in HostHub. It has a green-and-gray color scheme with a slideshow in the center. The entire layout just looks like it was built for a tech website.

17. FinancialBlog -FinancialBlog uses a large slide show image as the centerpiece with a sidebar to the right and content below. The color scheme consists of different pastel colors and can give a fresh look to a typical business blog.

18.OnlineMag – Another magazine-themed blogger layout, OnlineMag arranges content in a layout that’s friendly for quick viewing. It also mixes up colors well without making them clash and is easy to navigate.

19. WebStore – With a blue-heavy color palette and an equal emphasis on images and content, WebStore is very easy to look at. It’s balanced well enough that, like the name implies, it would be a good fit for stores or affiliate marketers.

20. Tag Magazine – Tag uses a seldom-seen palette of gray, orange and black to introduce a modern color scheme. Content is laid out in a large gallery layout, making it perfect for nearly any type of blog.

21. Android Phone – Android is one of the hottest topics for blogs today, and this theme plays to that. With Android-themed imagery and an image-heavy slideshow as the centerpiece, this Blogger theme is perfect for Android enthusiasts.

22. Imprezz -Imprezz stands out with its news-style layout. Large red-and-gray tags clearly mark the date an update was posted, and the minimalist navigation bar and sidebar make it easy to focus on the content.

23. iBiz – This one is another terrific option for corporate blogs or those that cover business topics. The minimalist gradients make the theme visually appealing, but the overall look is still very traditional.

24. ArtPhoto – For photography blogs, ArtPhoto can be a great theme for showing off work. It arranges content so that attention is drawn to images. The color scheme is a bit feminine, though.

25. RoundTheWorld – For travel blogs or similar image-laden sites, RoundTheWorld is a visually stunning theme. The theme’s layout is almost reminiscent of Facebook’s Timeline feature, with a large cover photo and navigation bar at the top and content below.

These Blogger themes represent some of the best on the market. They’re versatile enough to work for any number of uses, and they all use designs that will never go out of style. There are literally thousands of Blogger themes out there, though, so users should never be afraid to explore new ones.


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