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Free Webmaster Tools


I have just updated the design of quickregisterseo.com to feature all our new free webmaster and seo tools. I took out the tools which did not work and organized the site so that they are easy to use and find. If you have suggestions of tools that you would like me to add I would love to hear them! Here is a list of all our current webmaster and seo tools:

Free Directory Submission Service– This is a free semi-automatic directory submission service which will submit your website to 300 link directories, 300 article directories and 300 social bookmarking sites. Only quality sites are used. This is a good start in getting some quality backlinks to your website.

Page Rank Checker– This free tool will give you the page rank of your webpages. Keep in mind different pages on your domain can have a different page rank.

Free Page Rank Display Badges– Once you have determined your page’s Page Rank(PR) why not proudly display it with a dynamic Page Rank button. This button will automatically update when your page’s Page Rank updates. We have many cool looking badges to choose from and of course it is all free.

Link Tools

Outgoing Link Analyzer– This free tool will show you all the outgoing links on your site along with the anchor text for each link.

Link Extractor– This free web-based tool will extract all the outgoing links from your site and put them in a little text box that you can easily copy and paste into a text or csv file.

Link Suggestion Generator– The nifty tool will find keyword targeted sites that have potentially are open to having you place a link on their site. You can search for keywords in the title of their site and if they have keywords such as “suggest a site” or “add your site.” It then places all the links in an easily copy and pastable text box.

No Follow Finder– This will analyze the outgoing links of your site and tell you whether they are follow or no follow links.

Keyword Density Analyzer– The Keyword Density Checker extracts keywords from a website and shows you how often they occur. Get a list of one-word, two-word, and three-word key phrases arranged by keyword density. Check the keyword density of any website to see how search engines view your content, optimize your keyword density, and research keyword trends on any site.

Keyword Extractor– This seo tool will extract 1,2, and 3 word phrases from any website and put them into an easily copied file. Use this info to look at the keywords on most popular sites and learn how you can improve your keywords.

Keyword Rich Domain Finder– This will find websites that have your chosen keywords in their urls.

Keyword Suggestion Generator– Get keyword suggestions from Google, Yahoo and Word Tracker.

Search Engine Tools

Robots.txt Checker– Check the robots.txt file on any website.

Search Engine Listing Preview– Type in the title and description you are considering and this tool will show you what it will look like in the search engine listings!

Page Index Checker– See how many pages from your website or any website are indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Spider Bot Viewer– See how the search engine spiders view your website.

Website Rank Checkers

Alexa Rank Checker– Check the Alexa Rank of any website quickly.

Site Rank Checker– Check the Page Rank and the Alexa ranking of any website at the same time!

Multi-Site Rank Checkers

Alexa Multiple Rank Checker– Check the Alexa rank of up to 10 websites at once.

Multi-Rank Checker (PageRank and Alexa)- Check the Page Rank and Alexa rankings of up to 10 sites at once.

Multiple PageRank Checker– Check the Page Rank of up to 10 sites at once.

IP Tools

Multiple Ip Checker– Input up to 10 domains and this tool will give you the ip address of each domain name.

Multiple Reverse Ip Lookup– Input up to 10 ip addresses and this tool will give you the hostname for each ip address.

Ping Ip Addresses And Domain Names– Ping any ip address or domain name.

Reverse IP Lookup– Get the hostname for any ip address.

Source Code Tools

CSS Validator Tool– Check to see if your CSS is properly set up.

Whois Lookup Tool– Look up the whois information of any domain name.

HTML Encryptor Tool– Encrypt your html code instantly.

MD5 Encrypter– Encrypt text with MD5 encoding.

Source Code Viewer Tool– View the source code of any webpage.

Webpage Size Checker– Check the size of any webpage.

Website Speed Test Tool– Check the speed of any website.

Social Web Tools

Delicious Link Checker– Check to see if your website has links on Delicious.

Digg Link Checker– Check to see if a website has links on Delicious.

Multiple Delicious Link Checker Tool– Check to see if multiple websites have links to Delicious.

Multiple Digg Links Checker– Check multiple websites to see if they have Digg links.

Twitter Links Finder– Check to see if a website has links from Twitter.

Miscellaneous Tools

Browser Details Tools– Get your browser details and ip address.

Convert Date To Timestamp Tool
– Convert a date/time string to a UNIX timestamp tool.

Email to Image Converter Tool– Convert an email address to an image to protect your privacy for use on Web sites.

JavaScript Clock– Display a working JavaScript clock on your site.

Website Status Checker– Check whether the five major ports are responding.

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