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How to Construct Your Sales Funnel in 90 days or Less



To build a successful internet business you need to have a well structured sales funnel (sometimes referred to as a product funnel). If your business is not designed to smoothly move visitors on to becoming subscribers and then subscribers on to becoming 1st time buyers and then 1st time buyers on to becoming repeat buyers of products that deliver more value for an every increasing price tag, then you are a) leaving a lot of money on the table, b) having to work harder to maintain the same income and c) not living up to your purpose and potential to really make a difference in the lives of your niche market.

So here I’m going to give you a schedule that will enable you to construct your own funnel in 90 days (if you really worked hard you could half that time). Your funnel will involve creating 6 entry level products and 6 giveaway products, one coaching programme and two 90 day email campaigns. This will also involve creating opt-in pages, sales pages and other necessary web pages. All of these products and the coaching programme should be about one specific topic. One way to approach this is to think about all that you would need and want to teach in your coaching programme to enable your customer to master the topic and then split that into 6 different parts and create an entry level product for each of them.

The aim is for you to create one entry level product and all its associated resources every 2 weeks. So I’m going to give you the schedule for the 2 weeks which you will then simply repeat. I will then give you details of how to add in the coaching programme.

Week 1 Tasks
Start by creating your first entry level product which you will sell for between $37 and $97 depending on your niche and the value of the information your product provides. I strongly recommend that you choose to create an audio product as this is the simplest and quickest type. For $37 I suggest about recording 1 hour or so in total, for $97 about 3 hours. Next you need to create a giveaway product that you are going to offer in return for people subscribing to your email list. I suggest a short 10 page ebook for this purpose on a subtopic of your entry level product. Finally you will need to create a short opt-in page and upload your ebook to your host provider and connect that to your sign up process.

Week 2 Tasks
Now you need to create your sales page for your entry product and set up your payment method. If you don’t already have them set up you also need to have web pages such as a contact page, a privacy policy page and a terms and conditions page and so on. You then need to create and sequence 2 weeks’ worth of emails which will directed at your subscribers with the purpose of inviting them to buy your entry level product. Also you will need to create another 2 week email sequence aimed at those who buy your entry level product with the purpose of getting them to enrol on your coaching programme. Finally test that everything is properly linked and functioning and you are then ready to start driving traffic to your opt-in page.

So as I said previously just keep repeating this cycle and within 90 days you will have filled your funnel with 6 great entry products and their associated giveaways (note: it may be possible to use the same giveaway for more than one product which would reduce your work load) and have 2 email marketing campaigns set up to run automatically encouraging your subscribers further into your funnel.

The final part of the funnel is setting up your coaching programme. Do not create your coaching programme in detail until you actually enrol your first student. Why? Because you will have more success if you tailor it to the needs of your first student, and then the next few as well, in order to really create a truly effective coaching programme. So what you do need to do sometime during the first 2 – 3 weeks is to create an outline that shows the order and nature of the key topics you would plan to offer your coaching clients. It might also be worth creating the first week’s training in detail as well but then wait to create the rest as you move through the programme with your first few students. It may be that you don’t quite finish your coaching programme within the 90 days as it will all depend on how soon you manage to enrol your first student.

So there you have it. Those are the basic steps you need to take to set up an effective sales funnel in 90 days.

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