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How to Make Affiliate Sales by Setting Up Your Own Classified Ad Website


I have set up several classified ad sites including my site at www.thefreeadforum.com which has well over 50,000 members. Here are some of the benefits that I have received by setting up my own classified ad sites.

50,000+ Members of TheFreeAdForum.com All Interested in Advertising Services!

1. Developed a membership list of over 50,000 that are specifically interested in advertising services. I can promote related affiliate offers and my own related products and services over and over to this highly targeted list of subscribers.

2. Built up my main email list and autoresponder series by putting my subscription form on all pages of the websites.

Build Your Own Email List By Offering Free Advertising

3. Made product, service and affiliate sales by placing my own banners advertising such products on my classified ad sites.

4. Increased the membership of the social media accounts.

5. Placed advertising for all my related services in the thousands of confirmations emails that go out everyday to those who place ads on my sites.

Advertise Your Affiliate Offers With Banners on Your Site

6. Made automatic income that I do nothing for by selling automatic upgraded ads to my members.

Earn Easy Money Selling Upgraded Ads!

Here is what you need to set up your own classified ad site:

  1. A classified ad script. I suggest using Osclass. Osclass is a free open source php mysql script that you can upload to any linux server.

Osclass is a Free Open Source Classified Ad Script


2. Your own domain name. You can get your own domain name here:

3. A Linux VPS server. You need your own VPS because your site will end up using some resources. You also might want root access to troubleshoot any problems. I recommend IOZOOM. You can check out their servers here. Make sure you get the LInux server not the Windows server. As of the writing of this article plans start at $8. per month. I have been using them for over a year and they offer excellent service. I have several servers with them. Great tech support and fast.

That is it! Once your site is set up you can start offering free advertising. This is a fantastic magnet for visitors!

You can then use this platform to promote your affiliate offers. Here are some suggestions that you can promote on your classified ad site.

Here Are Some Suggestions for Some Affiliate Programs You Can Promote on Your New Classified Ad Site:

  1. Classifiedsubmissions.com. Our service submits classified ads for customers on 100’s of pages and sites. You can learn more about the affiliate program here
  2. Realppvtraffic.com– This service offers direct keyword targeted traffic to websites. Since everybody posting classified ads is looking for more traffic the market is perfect! You get paid 30% recurring commissions for as long as the customer stays subscribed. Learn more about the Realppvtraffic.com affiliate program here.
  3. Coolmarketingsoftware.com– This sites sells software that automates the posting of classified ads. Again a perfect match! You get paid 50% commissions on all sales. See here to learn more about the Coolmarketingsoftware.com affiliate program.

We highly recommend that you put your autoresponder subscription forms on your new classified ad site. I suggest Aweber for your autoresponder service. They have been around forever and are easy to use. See here to learn more about Aweber.

Give Away our Free Ebook and Earn Affiliate Commissions. Use Our Software and Ebook as Incentives for People to Join Your List

You will need some incentives for people to join your list. You are welcome to us our free re-brandable ebook “11 Ways to Get More Sales with Classified AdsYou can re-brand the ebook with your own affiliate links here.

Give away the ebook as an incentive to join your list and if people order any of the services from your affiliate links in the ebook you will receive commissions!

You can also use our free software at www.coolmarketingsoftware.com as incentives for people to join your list as well.

Let us know when your classified ad site is set up and we will link to you here so that you get some extra promotion!