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Building Link Popularity Through Creating Your Own Web-Based Software And Keeping The “Powered By” Link


This does not have to be that complicated. For example, I just paid a programmer $20. to add smtp capability and a few other features to a simple form mail script he had already coded for me.

I can now give this software away on the software directories and the script directories like hotscripts.com. I am getting back links by being listed on the directories but there is a kicker. When people install the free software the “powered by quickregisterseo.com SMTP Form Mail Script” link is at the bottom of the script.

The script is on their website which gives me another back link to my website.

I can simply ask the user of the software to keep the powered by link in exchange for using the free software I created. You can download the script yourself here for free. It is actually a pretty cool form mail script.

You can hire programmers for small jobs like this on Scriptlance.com for very little. You can hire programmers to create or modify open source scripts and submit them to the directories with your “powered by” links.

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