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How To Get Even Higher Rankings For Your Google Place Search Page By Geo Tagging Photos


If your goal is to rank number 1 on Google Local Search you need to first follow the 4 steps I mentioned in my previous article on getting top the top of Google Place Search. But what if you niche is highly competitive? You may need to give your Google Place Search page an extra push in the rankings. One ninja trick is to upload photos to Flickr.com, Picasaweb, and Panoramio and attach geo tags to your photos. Then place links to these photos on your Google Place Search Page. Geo tags are tags you add to your photos which identify them by geographical location.

When people then make local searches your images will show up. It also adds more “local” link juice to your Google Place Search Page. On top of that your photos are going to be geographically tagged while hosted on high authority/traffic Google and Yahoo properties. This association should give your page another local seo boost in the rankings. Remember, every extra optimization step you take leaves your competition further behind.

Adding Geo Tags To Your Photos Hosted On Picasaweb, Flickr And Panaramio Then Linking The Photos To Your Google Place Search Page Can Help Your Local Search Ranking

Let’s take Google’s Picasaweb to start with. If you have not done so yet go ahead and log in with your Google account. Create a folder and upload the pictures you want to put on your Google Place Search page into the folder on Picasaweb. Click on the photo then click on add location. Add the exact address of your business listed on your Google Place Search page then save location. Then right click on the photo and click on copy image url. Go to your Places page and click on where it says “add a photo from the web.” Then copy and paste the photo you just geo tagged on Picasaweb into your Google Places page.

Now you have a geo tagged photo hosted on Picasaweb, and on your Google Place Search Page.

Next go ahead and do the same with Flickr.com image hosting service which is owned by Yahoo and another Google property called Panaramio. All 3 services allow you to geo tag your photos and provide urls that you can use to link to these photos on your Google Place Search page.

If you have a Smart Phone loaded with the Google Lattitude app this app will automatically geo tag the photos for you. All you then have to do is upload the photos from your Smart Phone directory to your Picasaweb, Flickr or Panaramio accounts and the photo will be pre geo tagged.

Adding these extra touches can mean the difference between a first and second place ranking for your local key terms and they only take a few minutes to implement. Please let me know if you have any comments. If you found this post helpful please share it on Facebook. Thank you. Matt.

Andy Kelly has a nice video explaining geo tagging for local marketing. Thank you Kelly!