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Internet Business Promoter of IBP by Axandra is an SEO software which includes, keyword research tool, top 10 web page optimization tool, search engine ranker, keyword research tool, search engine spider simulator, search engine and directory submission program. They boldly guarantees a top ten search engine ranking or your money back. Wow! Top ten ranking for which keyword? Viagra? I will buy it right now. All kidding aside, I do not think they can guarantee a top ten ranking for any keyword but I really like this functional, solidly built software and it can definitely help improve your search engine ranking if used properly.
IBP Business Promoter Free Download

Here’s what is included with IBP Business Promoter:

* Search Engine Ranking Checker
* Search engine submitter
* Top 10 web page Optimizer
* The Arelis Link Tools
* Website Optimization Editor
* Keyword Analysis Research
* Powerful Scheduler
* Project Management

In addition IBP gives you detailed reports on your search engine rankings and of those of your competitors. Included with each report are recommendations for improving your performance.

IBP is very intuitive so it is quite easy to use.

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Arelis now has included their powerful link creation and optimization tool called Arelis into the IBP promoter. I love it! SEO Elite has a similar tool but there is no comparison here. While I found SEO Elite’s link building tool a bit glitchy Arelis worked perfectly and by simply copying and pasting parts of my site into the program it magically created link pages to match the exact design of my site. Very cool!

Arelis allows you to search the web for sites that link to your competitors and also finds sites that link to you. Once you find a relevant high quality site that you wish to exchange links with Arelis facilitates sending the email (one at a time not bulk email) directly from the interface. It also creates beautifully organized link pages, tracks those who have linked back to you, adds removes and edits links quite effortlessly.

You have to be careful with this technique! I really angered two major marketers with this and one wrote some not so nice things about me! One marketer (a big blogger) was incensed that I was contacting people who were linking to his site.. I used the Arelis software to solicit link exchanges from people who were interested in marketing and linking to marketing sites.

The other guru who got upset was a major player in the internet marketing world. You see, he has websites in almost every niche within internet marketing so he got about 9 emails from me in one day. He also reads all his emails himself. He was upset with me for asking for link exchanges from him 9 times in one day. I guess I can understand. I was definitely out of line. Ironically both marketers send out marketing messages almost everyday themselves. I was just a bit surprised by their rather intolerant attitudes. I have had many people use my domain names as a basis for marketing campaigns and have received hundreds of unsolicited link exchange requests and for me it is just part of the game. No big deal.

Interestingly enough the reaction to more of the smaller to middle marketers to this technique was fantastic! I found many quality linking partners and it increased my traffic considerably. The only two people who were upset were the big shots. I have stopped using this technique for now. The goal was to find partners not to upset every major player in the internet marketing world.

I think the lesson to be learned is that you have to be very targeted with this approach. I mean just targeting internet marketing is simply too broad of a subject. Also, perhaps stay away from the big players. Look for a multitude of partners right about at your level. Maybe even use the software to get the contact data and call the website owner. The more personal the better. Just asking the whole world for a link exchange will get you in trouble.(Take it from me!)

I suggest creating a highly targeted directory specific to your industry and then contact those in that industry for a quality relevant link exchange. Just use common sense it is a powerful technique.

The lesson for the big gurus is lighten up a bit and be a bit more tolerant of people who are learning and trying new techniques. Rather than just stepping on a marketers head when he tries something a little out of line maybe help him out a bit and point him in the right direction. You could gain a customer and a friend.

The one who never falls never stands up.” Quote from Fedor Emelianko after his first defeat in the ring in 10 years. We are all learning here. You have to try and fail many times before being successful.

Arelis is quick and easy to us, making custom link pages is no sweat and everything is template based. Just put the tag ##LINKS## on the page you want the link directory on , click a button and you have your own link directory. You feel like you are driving a Merecedes rather than a Kia when operating the Arelis software. It is an extremely well built piece of software.

Of course, like most of the top SEO software available now it tracks those who are linking back to you and even let’s you know if their reciprocal links are still up. You can then inidividually email these webmasters requesting the put up your link again or just remove their link.

I have purchased SEO Elite and IBP Business Promoter and I must say IBP is my favorite. SEO Elite however has the best marketing and the sales page is fantastic.

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