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With all of the talk around the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, it’s difficult to know exactly what you should do when it comes to link building. If you read online and visit webmaster forums, you’ll find a lot of recommendations but some of this information is not completely valid. It’s important that you know exactly what you should not do when it comes to link building, so that you don’t make any mistakes. If you make a mistake when it comes to your link building, your websites rankings could be in jeopardy. Below, I will cover some things that you should stay away from with your link building campaigns, in order to ensure that you do things correctly. This will keep you well protected should any algorithm updates be released by Google.

Don’t over-optimize your anchors

Over optimizing your anchor text can be done in a lot of different ways. The primary way that people will over optimize their anchor text is if they build back links with the same keyword consistently. Google released the Google Penguin update recently which was designed to penalize websites that had too many links coming from the same keyword. If they didn’t have enough links with their raw URL or websites title, their rankings would begin to plummet. Today, it’s extremely important that you diversify your anchor text and build links with a large amount of keywords. You should use generic phrases, your website title, the raw URL, variations of the domain name, and your keywords. The amount of backlinks that you build with your actual keyword should be very minimal. Of course, the best backlinks that you build should be ones with your keyword. You should also build second-tier and third-tier links to those backlinks, since they’re going to be the most valuable ones pointing to your website. A good way to justify leaving a keyword anchor text is if you have gotten a guest post on a website.

This is a really high quality backlink, it’s very likely that the site excepting your guest post is high in authority and maybe even high in pagerank. This is an example of an exact type of link that you want to leave your keyword as the anchor text for. When it comes to free submission websites, such as press releases, article directories, PDF sites and web 2.0’s, you can use the diversified anchor text so that you get lots of diversity from these links.

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Don’t use the same types of sites for links

When it comes to link building, it’s extremely important that you not only diversify your anchor text, but you also diversify the types of links that you are building. If you are using the same types of sites every time that you build a backlink, this is going to negatively reflect on your SEO. If you have SEO software that submits to websites for you, try to program that software to submit to different varieties of websites, so that you are not using the same platform over and over again. For instance, if you were to submit to article directories regularly, but you built no other types of backlinks, this could actually hurt your rankings more than help them.

There are lots of SEO tools out there that can help you maximize your diversity when it comes to link building. These are tools like SENuke, Ultimate Demon or Magic Submitter. These tools are often classified as “all in one” link building software, so there are very efficient at submitting to different types of websites for you.

Don’t over-optimize your on-page keywords

You don’t have to spam your website with your targeted keywords in order to get ranked in search engines. Rather, write your articles and pages directed toward your readers and don’t worry about the search engines. If you can incorporate your keywords naturally, your content will be much higher quality and search engines like Google will be more likely to index and rank you. Today, Google is releasing lots of algorithm updates in order to crack down on this. They don’t want to see webmasters spamming their site with their keywords. This is not good for readers and it’s not good for the results of search engines either. If this is something that you are doing, you should switch up your strategy immediately. Adding excessive amounts of tags or categories is another way that webmasters add keywords to their sites, but this has been recognized by Google as well.

Build links with unique content and don’t use automated spinners

It’s important that you use unique content when you are promoting your website. Not only does this protect your brand in case people find your links and come across this content, it also can boost your search engine rankings. Google is starting to recognize the damages of content spinning and they are working hard to stop valuing these types of links. In the past, you could surround your links with just about any type of content you wanted. It really didn’t have to be keyword optimized for your niche. After the Panda and Penguin updates, building backlinks with content that is related to your website is extremely important. No longer can you use spun content that is gibberish and terrible to read for building backlinks. This content will not have your keywords and it’s not going to benefit your search engine optimization campaigns whatsoever.

Author Bio :- Charles Dodgson writes for WLM Link Builder Company – specialist provider of need-based Internet marketing solutions and services, including affordable SEO submissions and content development for businesses and professionals.

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