Disadvantages of Free Hosting Services for Your Blog


Free hosting services have increased in popularity over the last couple of years, especially amongst bloggers as it provides them with an affordable means to increase their presence online. While free hosting services for your bog may provide you with monetary benefits in the beginning, there are a myriad of disadvantages for opting for such services. Discussed herein, are some of the disadvantages of free hosting services for your blog.

Domain Name

With free blog hosting services, you do not have the laxity to choose your own domain name. The domain name used relates to the hosting service you are using, for example, yourname.hostname.com. These types of domain names are not only long for readers to remember, but are also not optimized for search engines. Moreover, free blog hosting services do not offer you the opportunity to customize your domain name to suit your blog contents.

Restricted Disk Space

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With time, you’ll need to have access to more disk space in order to meet your increasing demands. Unfortunately, you’ll not have the laxity to demand for extra storage space since you are being provided with a free service. Free blog hosting services only provide you with a limited amount of disk space. But as your needs increase you’ll need to consider paid hosting services.

Limited Bandwidth

As is the case with disk space, free blog hosting service providers only provide you with a limited amount of bandwidth capacity. Limited bandwidth capacity means that you cannot load as much images, slides and videos to your blog. The more your blog start demanding for more bandwidth thereby exceeding its capacity, chances are that it will be deactivated as it will be interfering with other blogs. This in turn makes managing traffic to your blog difficult. Moreover, limited bandwidth means that you cannot use certain plugins, thereby affecting your productivity.


Most people hope to make money from their blogs at some point. The major income earner for a majority of blog owners is advertisement. Unfortunately, you will not be able to relish the benefits of advertising on your blog since you are not permitted to advertise on your blog. But the most annoying thing is that your hosting service provider has the power to include banners and popup ads on your blog. It is a well-known fact that majorities of blog readers detest banners and popup ads and this can greatly interfere with the web traffic to your blog.


Customer Support

One of the most essential services that you will require from the service provider hosting your blog is technical support. Unfortunately, you will find this aspect lacking from fee blog hosting service providers. Should you experience downtimes, it may take more than 24 hours to have your problem resolved.

Terms & Conditions

The hosting service may decide to change the terms and conditions of use at any given time. For example, if there were features that attracted you to the service provider in the beginning, they may decide to remove them, thus affecting your productivity.

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