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4 Questions Webmasters Need to Ask Themselves



Running a website is a great way to make money and to achieve a sense of satisfaction that comes from having thousands of people reading your content every single day. That said, being truly successful is a subjective subject and won’t be the same from one person to the next. It’s important then that you take time to consider yourself and your goals, and to think about your website and how it operates so that you can better plan how you’re going to make it a success and truly rewarding

Just thinking about your site though often won’t be enough and will often be a little too vague – you need to find a way to think more logically about this and to organize your ruminations. Here we will look at some questions you can ask yourself that will help to give you more focus, direction and self awareness when it comes to running your blog.

Who is This Blog or Website For?

If you are running a website then this is a business, and every business needs a target audience or a market that you’re designing this for. When you are designing your layout, creating your content, or generally creating any aspect of your site then you are doing that for specific visitors. The more you understand who they are and what it is that they will appreciate, then the more likely you are to ensure your site is a hit with that audience and that they keep coming back/ say good things about it.

One great way to do this is to create an imaginary character who your site has been made for precisely – decide their age, their interests, their disposable income, their political leanings etc etc, and then make sure that every decision you make takes these things into account. Ask yourself, would ‘Steve’ like this site?

What Do You Want the First Thing People Do to Be When They Visit Your Site?

So someone navigates to your home page for the first time after doing a search or seeing a link on another page. They see your page and then what? Where do you want them to click? This is a very important question that few webmasters consider, and it’s very important to know the answer if you want to be able to make the most from your traffic. The best answer to this question in many cases? ‘Sign up to the mailing list’ – and the value of collecting e-mail addresses is something that should not be underestimated.

What Would You Do If…?

Having contingency plans is highly important for any company’s ‘resilience’. If you want your website to stay on top then, and not get destroyed as a result of a single bad piece of luck. So think – what would you do if you were banned from Google Ads? What would you do if a more successful competitor launched? What would you do if you were de-indexed from Google?

What Do You Offer That’s Different?

Look at the competition and ask yourself – what do you offer that’s unique? If you haven’t yet differentiated your site or blog in any way then that’s something you need to do or you aren’t really giving people a reason to visit your page.

Tom Koh is avid blogger and experienced writer. Tom believes secret for getting website traffic is to properly optimize website by seo and post interesting/humourous articles which will keep your reader engrossed.