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How I Got To Number 1 In Google For The Keywords PPV Traffic


I recently launched the site which sells ppv traffic. I also wanted to perfect a social media marketing system which allow me to dominate the search engines for my chosen keywords. The real goal was not as much to promote my sites but to propose high priced SEO services to high ticket local businesses like plastic surgeons and personal injury attorneys. (Hey, I live in South Florida. We love that stuff down here!) I had been toying with various social media software submission programs like Traffic Geyser, and Content Buzz but I needed to really dig in and get a social media marketing system that worked. The term “ppv traffic” was a very tough one to rank high for because the popular course had been highly promoted by the owners, who have black belts in internet marketing as well as by many savvy affiliates. Plus the term ppv traffic is not localized. It would be very easy to rank high for ppv traffic Tampa Florida. Just ppv traffic was much tougher. Well, I woke up this morning and my blog review of Mass PPV Traffic was number 1 and my site was number 4 in Google for the term ppv traffic. Here is how I did it:

1. I manually submitted 10 original videos to the largest list of working video hosting directories I could develop. Content Buzz is a great social media marketing software and I highly recommend it. Shaun’s service is also first rate. However, he only submits to about 30 of the top video sites. I wanted to submit to all of them. So I signed up for as many video hosting site accounts as I could. Here is the list of sites that I manages to successfully upload my videos to. It took me forever but I used Roboform to help automate filling in the fields. To see how well this works just go to Google and type in “finding keywords for ppv traffic” almost every listing for 3 pages is one of my videos. It takes forever to compile a list like this and upload the videos but it does work. A huge part of the task was just getting a list of video sites that worked. Many malfunctioned, did not deliver the confirmation email, or specialize in niches such as animal husbandry which had no value to me.

2. I posted my original articles and videos on my 2 blogs and my forum. I am lucky. Well actually no, I have worked my but off for years to develop these sites but I have a very busy forum The Free Ad Forum, 2 blogs and I posted my articles, reviews and videos about ppv traffic on all my busy websites.

3. I then turned my videos into podcasts and submitted all my videos to the podcast directories as podcasts. Here is a list of podcast directories and a link to an article on how to create a podcast feed from a Blogger account. It is not that hard and that is what I did. The podcast directories need a feed url that you can submit.

4. I typed in “ppv traffic blog” on Google and manually looked for highly ranked blogs talking about ppv traffic. Most were talking about Mass PPV Traffic course. I went to as many as I could and read the post, and made relevant comments with a link back to my site in the blog from field. Notice I say “relevant comments.” I did not spam the blogs. Since I know something about the subject I made intelligent posts that for the most part were way better comments than they were getting.

Here is another trick. On some of the posts I included a list of ppv networks. Of course mine was in the list but I also included my competitors as well. This way it did not seem too self serving. This got me into some forums which normally would never have allowed a direct link back to my site.

5. I went to the major Answer sites like Yahoo Answers and answered questions about ppv traffic. What if nobody is asking the questions you want to answer? Well, then get a friend to sign up and ask the right questions. You don’t have any friends you say? Well, just get an imaginary friend to sign up and ask the questions you want to answer. Yahoo Answers is a great site and very under used by marketers. Most of the actual answers stink on Yahoo. So if really supply insightfull answers to your questions you probably will have the best answers there. You can also include up to 10 direct links back to your sites as “sources.” Nothing like having a direct like from the domain back to your site with your detailed keyword loaded answers. Here is a list of answer sites like Yahoo. I have not had a chance to use them all just a couple. If you have experience with these other sites let me know.

6. I created Squidoo and Hubpages. I noticed in my searches for my term ppv traffic that Hubpages and Squidoo were hosting some of the top ranked pages for my keywords ppv traffic. These sites are similar and allow you to make pages or lenses containing your original material. The advantage is that these sites are very busy and get picked up by the search engines generally faster than your lower ranked blog. I copied and pasted an original review into the Hubpages account. It was rejected. Even though it was original they want content that is not on any other site. Squidoo does not have that limitation. I like Squidoo much better. Also, their affiliate program is much simpler. However, both sites get picked up very quickly so as much original material that you can put on both of them the better. They do look cool too.

7. Submitted my material to other social media sites using Contentbuzz automated software. I also submitted my information to the following types of social media sites using Contentbuzz:

Story sites such as Mixx and Propeller
Micro Blogs such as Facebook and Friendfeed
Rss Agregators such as Bloglines and Feedage
Image Sites such as Flickr
Content Buzz can save you hours of time with your social media campaigns. It submits to about as many sites as you can automatically submit to. If you want to do more you can manually submit your media to the ones they do not submit to.

8. I submitted my articles about ppv traffic to Ezine Articles. I really did not bother submitting to the other Article Directories. I think most of them have lost their value and do not seem to get picked up too well with the search engines. However, Ezine Articles, still has some juice because of their stringent article review procedures.

9. Manually submitted all my Rss Feeds to the Rss Agregators. Content Buzz does some of this for you. But you have more Rss feeds than you know about! Most of the video hosting sites have rss feeds, of course all your blogs have rss feeds, your Ezine Article accounts has rss feeds just keep an eye pealed. You will start seeing rss feeds all over the place. You can take these feeds and submit them to the feed aggregators. I have done this manually but I have seen some software called Rss Submitter that helps automate the process. It might be good to get. Every time you get a new Rss feed just submit it.

10. I went back and made sure all the profiles on all my social media sites have my picture, bio and links back to my sites. All the video hosting directories, and social media sites have places where you can set up your profiles. Fill these out with links back to your site and with your keywords. These are highly ranked sites. They provide great back links and authority for your main sites.

As you can see I just pushed a button and everything happened while I was asleep. Yeah right! Social media marketing is actually a lot of work and I have not even touched on everything you can do (I have like 10 Twitter followers.) The video seems to be working the best right now along with original informative blog posts. Do not be afraid of some manual labor. We are all looking for the automated solution. Sometimes you just have to dig in and get your hands dirty. Frank Kern had a great post the other day about “Growing A Pair.” About a lady who had everything going against her and still succeeded. Sometimes I think we are really spoiled. We are always looking for the easy solution. Thanks Frank. I needed that.

Matthew Meyer

P.S. I almost forgot. I did one more thing to rank higher for the keywords ppv traffic. I wrote this post about getting ranked number 1 for the term ppv traffic in Google! LOL. Did I say ppv traffic?, has anybody heard of ppv traffic?, can a brother get a little ppv traffic around here…….I’m going to the beach.