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3 7 Reasons You Should Consider Using To Start Making Extra Money Online Now



Fiverr is the pioneer in Micro Jobs industry. The site attracts millions of traffic across the word with Alexa rank less than 300. Users of Fiverr are hungry customers looking for quality products and services at throw away prices of $5. This makes Fiverr an irresistible market for both product and service providers online.

If you are a newbie looking to start your online career to make some decent money, Fiverr can be your best first step and companion. I myself have made over $1000 in the first three months after joining Fiverr. From then on my revenue started increasing month after month. There are quite a few reasons; Why Fiverr can help newbie to make money online:

  • Hungry Customers – This is more like a shopping mall where millions of people visit every day. So you get instant exposure to potential buyer’s day in and day.
  • No Startup Cost – Unlike other online money making opportunities, Fiverr doesn’t charge anything to register or to setup your gigs. They take only commission on every sale, which makes it a FREE service. If you are new to the online world, you make some decent money without investing a penny.
  • Easy & Quick Setup – It hardly takes half an hour to setup your gig and start selling. There is no requirement for extra knowledge or skills to do this. So you can have your own online store even if you don’t understand how things work online. All you need to have a quality product or service to offer to make money instantly.
  • Wide choice of products and services Fiverr allows you to sell anything under earth as long as they are priced at $5. I have personally seen people make use of their creativity to make huge money. For example, shouting a website name continuously for 20 seconds made a fiverr user more than $4000 in a span of 6 months. Can you believe this? It is time you use your nerve for creativity.
  • No Skills Required – You don’t need to understand website traffic, seo, backlinking or any other technical stuff to be a Fiverr seller. Just create a product or service to kindle curiosity among the buyers. I can promise you to make some decent part time income online using just what you know already.
  • Easy Payment – Fiverr pays the users after a 15 days handling period. Your money is paid directly to your PayPal id without any issues.
  • Protection for both buyers & sellers Fiverr plays as a mediator to protect both buyers and sellers in every transaction. So you can be sure of the value for your money.

I strongly believe Fiverr to be the next big revolution in Online Industry. It is high time you take charge and join Fiverr to make money right away.

This has been a guest post from Hanan Daner who has written a free guide on how to make money with Your comments and questions are welcome.

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