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Tips on Making Money From An E-Book


There are plenty of great ways to make money online, and it’s a shame that lots of blog posts focus solely on making a website and sticking AdSense on it. No way is this the best way to make money online, and actually by sending those people away from your site you are making a lot less money from them than you could be – of course you are, or else those advertizers wouldn’t be paying you for the traffic.

So what could you be doing instead? Well how about selling something – something such as an e-book (or several) which is an ideal way to make a not-too-shabby amount of passive income with really very minimal work on your part. Here we will look at how you can accomplish that.

Making Your Book

Well first of all you should of course make your book which is a rather obvious part of the process but also perhaps the part that most people struggle with. The books that tend to be the most successful are the ones which are based on somehow improving your lot in life so that means building muscle, making friends and influencing people or finding a girlfriend. This way you have a big emotional hook which you can use to sell your book by tapping into the things people really want.

If you run a website then one way you can make that book is simply to make a collection of the articles on that site that fit together in terms of theme. This is ideal because a) you’ll be selling to people who have never seen your site, and even those people who have won’t necessarily have read all of it. Throw a few bonus articles in to be safe and you’re laughing.

Alternatively you can of course hire someone to write a book, and you can buy an e-book with all the rights for about $200 on Digital Point.

Selling Your Book

Now there are plenty of great channels through which you can sell your book and these are growing every day. The most obvious thing to do to begin with is to convert your book into a PDF and then to sell it directly from your site with something like PayPal set up on your page. You’ll be very surprised how much you can sell this for and if you write a great landing page you can really convince people to make a purchase by appealing to their psychology.

At the same time you can also sell print books from your site if you should – and there’s no upfront investment involved or need to find a publisher (though if you’re ambitious you could of course do that too). Simply go to a site like and you can benefit from ‘Print On Demand Publishing’ or ‘POD’ as it’s known. This means that a copy of your book is printed out each time someone buys one, and that way you can then either offer people to buy your books in print from your site (which some people still like) or you can even, y’know, go out there and sell it in the real world…

But then on top of that you also have a tonne of other great digital platforms you can sell your books through now which require no work on your part and put you in touch with a huge audience. For instance you can put your books on Kindle and this will open you up to a huge audience, or you can get on iTunes or the Play store or all three and be selling copies in your sleep. The secret to success here is coming up with a name that people will search for (think of it like SEO) and ensuring that the introduction and opening to your book has enough of a hook to it that people want to read the rest.

So you’ve written one book and you’re now selling it through about 5 different channels – all of which will now manage themselves while you snooze. It’s simple, easy and best of all scalable so if you haven’t already… get writing!

Matt Jordan is freelance writer and loves to work from home like anything on this earth. He believes one performs best when he work for himself.