Add pop-ups to your eBook?!


I know you’re busy but I just came across
a downright amazing piece of software that
I want to share with you now.

What does the software do? Pay attention…

… It lets you:

1) Add pop-ups to your eBook
2) Add entry/exit messages to your eBook

And, the best part is, it does this while
keeping the eBook in .pdf format!

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(This has NEVER been done before.)

It’s really something you need to see for

If you go to that page now, it actually has
a demo .pdf file where you can play with the
effect yourself, as well as screenshots of
the software.

The software itself is ingeniously simple.
However, what it can do for you is really

You can use this software, named “PDF Page
Pro”, to have a pop-up open every time
someone opens or closes your .pdf.

… What does that mean?

Well: You can build your list, everytime
someone opens your .pdf. You can create
killer upsells. You can improve customer
loyalty with a friendly message.

If you have ever — and I mean EVER —
even dealt with a .pdf eBook in your

(And I know that you have.)

… Then you owe it to yourself to check
out this incredible new software today.

Right now the software is in a prelaunch
phase, yet, and it has already been wildly
successful. Which means:

The price is set to rise at absolutely any

It’s literally flying off the shelf at the
current price and I know for a fact that
the price is set to increase very shortly.

The truth is, this is unbelievably powerful.

.. And it has never been done before.

The software could easily be sold for $97…

… But just for now, it’s in a very low
prelaunch price. You can snap it up now,
get a huge advantage over other infoproduct
publishers — IF you act now.

To your success,


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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.