Yahoo Search Marketing Vs. Google Adwords


Well after being slapped silly by Adwords I started to move some campaigns over to Yahoo Search Marketing. Great points for Yahoo is that they answer emails with specific responses to your questions within 24 hours. They also even answer the phone. If you want to advertise outside your continent they need to create sub accounts for you. This they did without a problem. Another point is that now they do not accept free trial offers with a credit card. For example you cannot say free for 7 days then $19.95 per month. I had such a campaign so I changed it to a flat monthly fee and put the price in the ad. This way I weed out some of the freebie seekers. The free trial deal works great but I might get more of a quality customer this way so it is worth a try.

I chose a wide variety of keywords, over 500, that related very well to my site. Note that not all the keywords are actually in my site but anyone interested in those keywords would definitely be interested in my offer. I hope that I am not penalized with a “Yahoo Slap” because not all my keywords are actually in my page. This is a major disadvantage with Adwords. If you have terms that you know relate exactly to your audience but are not in your page Google will slap you. (Actually sometimes I just think they slap you for the fun of it!) A human reviewer of a site could look at the keywords and the topic of the website and see that they really do relate. This is very difficult for bots.

So far Yahoo creams Google for customer service. Let’s see how they do in the long run. I will keep you posted.

Matthew Meyer

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After a career as a professional musician and band leader in the Miami South Florida Area I decided to see if I could make some money with this new internet thing. After years of trial and error I started to get the hang of it and now I am completely financially independent because of my various online businesses. The goal of this blog is to chronicle my continued marketing experiences. I focus on real examples of what works and what does not work. Google does not give us a recipe for getting our sites ranked. We have to use our own experiences to see what actually works rather than theory. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please let us know what you think in the comments area. We appreciate your feedback.

Learn speak hindi - 2010/05/14

hey,Awesome blog post dude! i’m Fed up with using RSS feeds and do you use twitter?so i can follow you there:D.


song guanyu - 2010/05/01

Is there any good suggestions? About adwords audit


Asbar Ali - 2009/12/13

i m Working with adwords for last 5 Year and finally i have made a masterpiece which contains all the solution about Adwords Soo Do me Feedback soo i can make it Better for you people to understand


    Matthew Meyer - 2009/12/16

    Ashar, if you have the key to Adwords I want to hear it. Sometimes it works for me other times not. My philosophy now is just to use a few extremely targeted keywords going to a very straight forward focused real website. No tricks, no games just trying to give the user the best experience as possible. Also I am using the keyword key in the title of the ad. So when someone searches for my keyword it is in bold in the title. Here is the code for this
    {KeyWord:Your Default Keyword} If there is not enough room for your keyword the Google will replace it with your default keyword. This makes the keyword people searched for in Google come out in the title in bold. I am only using about 4 or 5 keywords per campaign. This has given me a 13% clickthrough rate. But Google will probably ban me, send somebody over to kick my ass (I would actually love that! Anytime!), then put me on the terrorist watch list and never tell me why. Am I paranoid about Google?


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