Why I Like Zimbio Better Than Ezine Articles For Article Marketing


Zimbio is about the 300th busiest website in the world according to Alexa.com and boasts over 20 million readers per month! Ok so “that is nice for them but what is in it for me?”

I will tell you, you can register your blog with Zimbio and everytime you make a blog post it is automatically posted on Zimbio! Not only that but you can submit articles to this site and create a nice juicy profile with pictures and links back to your website.

You can register for Zimbio here. Once you register your blog with Zimbio you get a badge like mine below:

My Zimbio Top Stories According to Zimbio if I post my badge you have a chance of giving me “Kudos” which is their rating system. The more Kudos I have the more likely I am to be featured.

So could you please give me a Kudo? I tell you what, if you give me one when you sign up and register your blog with Zimbio I will be glad to reciprocate. Getting featured on a site with 20 million viewers is a pretty nice backlink opportunity.

Here is an article I just posted on Zimbio. The article links to a blog post on my blog and also was categorized in a “SEO Zine” on Zimbio. There are major backlink opportunities on Zimbio. You can even include your YouTube videos.

One more thing. Check out my Zimbio profile with some nice juicy backlinks to my site and my blog. Thank you Zimbio!

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