Tips to Build Web Traffic with Viral Marketing


Viral Marketing Tips

You need content that will go viral. Your advertisements, blog posts, videos, pictures, or other content can go viral to reach the greatest amount of people and help bring in a big amount of money.

To do this, you need to create a viral marketing strategy. This means that everything you make should have the potential to go viral and become an internet sensation. The following tips are designed to do just that. While not a sure fire way to have your content be a viral hit, these tips can help you get started as you create content that is more likely to be a share-worthy internet sensation.

Make people feel something.

If someone has no reaction to your content, it could be a bit forgettable. If what you are putting up on isn’t worth remembering, it probably isn’t worth sharing. You want sharing to be a necessity with your content, meaning that your content needs to evoke an emotional reaction in those who view it.

To do this, you need to be committed to your content and the point of view it has. Your content needs to have a strong, clear emotional voice that can stir up big feelings like intense happiness, deep love, intense hate, or fiery raging anger. Be extreme with whatever direction you take; don’t hold back because you want to get your visitors a little worked up.

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Do the unexpected.

Think of every viral video you have ever seen. The one thing that these all probably have in common is that these videos do something crazy, surprising, or simply different. If you want your content to get noticed and shared, you need to do something unexpected.

You want to shock the people who visit your site. As soon as your visitors manage to shake off the surprise, they will want to share your content with their friends and family via social sites and email in an attempt to give them a jolt too. This means that your visitors will pass your content around drumming up more potential web traffic for you.

Don’t keep your viral content on lockdown.

It is tempting to restrict access to your site. Sure, you may want to have a paid member area depending on the type of site you have, but your viral content should not be password protected.

In order to build traffic with viral marketing, everyone and anyone needs to be able to see it. Potentially viral content should not require visitors to register, login, download plugins, make a purchase, or do anything else that could potentially turn them off from viewing your content. The viral content is a marketing tool; make sure that anyone can see what is essentially a super savvy ad.

Make your content easy to share.

Viral content is viral because it is shared. You want to make sharing your content as easy as can be, and the best way to do that is to include sharing options directly on your web page. Visitors need to be able to pass along this content with absolute ease. To have content that can go viral, let your visitors embed, email, download, bookmark, and link to it in just a couple of clicks.

Go viral.

These tips can help your content to go viral and help you market your website, but they can’t do it all. You have to create this viral content that can boost your web traffic. Follow these tips as you create your viral content, and you have an even better opportunity of having something super shareable that can bring even more visitors to your site.

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