Tweak Your PPC ad for Maximum Conversion


PPC (Pay per Click) ads are vital when it comes to marketing online. They are easy, cheap and results are instant. PPC has lured not only the big players but also small business thus increasing competition. Now, when there is competition, there comes a need for further improvement. Call it survival of the fittest or survival of the smartest. There is no way of ignoring the fact that PPC adverts need to be tweaked for maximum conversion.

Text Still Rule:

Image is the new commandment. Everyone has accepted that an image is more attractive than plain texts. However, an image on its own cannot create a profound effect. It is the text embedded within the image, which completes the overall advert.

To show an example, consider a search term ‘cheap bodybuilding supplements’. The PPC advert depicts an image of toned muscle with call to action. Now, a user searches for the above term and lands on a page. The ad network shows the PPC advert, which is an image (flash or static). No mention of ‘cheap bodybuilding supplements’ is found on the advert. Obviously, the user will be indifferent thereby reducing CTR and finally conversion. Therefore, the bottom point is to add related texts to your PPC adverts.

Importance of Similarity

Involuntarily a user relates the shade of the advert and landing page. If they are contravene to each other forget about conversion. Although the conversion will not be nil it will definitely be less than average. Everything in marketing is about relation. If the shade of advert is grey and promises to sell a product with 30% discount, imagine the frustration upon seeing bright red landing page with just 10% discount.

Personally, I know of a firm, which provides separate landing for different targeted ads. Each targeted ad has a landing page of its own. For instance, if the PPC ad is about free ebook then the landing page will be about the same. On the other hand, if the ad promises free consulting then the landing page is only about free consulting.

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 Provide Description

Nothing hurts to provide a short description. Description can be of one single line or two. Descriptions further emphasize the message. A user upon reading a description is assured that the ad is relative to what is being searched.

Description and the key text (discussed in the second para) are two different things. Consider the ‘keyword ‘dog training’. In the PPC advert, the keyword is probably included in the description. If only the keyword was to be included, there will be some impact. Including the keyword with a short description, however, will emphasize more on the message. Consider two examples:

1)    Cheap Bodybuilding Supplements and

2)    Buy Cheap Bodybuilding supplements that can build your muscle in no time.

Hope you can found the difference.

False Message:

False advertisement is your foe irrespective of the fact that it lures in customers. Once I came across an advert promising 30% discount for a camera. Upon clicking and arriving at the landing page, it became evident that I should purchase another product of worth $500 to avail the discount. Quickly closing the window, I regained surfing the net. Never again did I visit the online shop again. See, false or incomplete advertisement has just caused negative branding.

Be complete and transparent in your PPC adverts. This helps in branding and increases trust among buyers.

These few tweaks are not the end. If you have something to share out of expertise, please contribute it through the comments.

Richie Richardson is a passionate blogger about SEO and Internet Marketing in general. He is also a forex trader and writes on best forex trading system 2012, forex signal software, and best forex signals provider in the world.

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