5 Important Points to Consider When Starting A Tutorial Website


1. Start small

As hard as it might seem, a small site is great at the beginning, especially if we are talking about a new webmaster that is not aware about the SEO and optimization techniques. As your website grows, you will be able to add new features and tutorials, but for now, it is enough to manage and understand your small site. Moreover, you should not invest too much money in it, until the number of visitors would grow, and unless you have a group of readers that are interested about what you are writing.

2. Media files

While the tutorial sites were based on texts, guides and a few pictures, people today expect video tutorials that will tell them exactly what they need to do, and when they need to do it. As those files usually consume a large number of resources, and especially hosting resources, it is important to find a good hosting package since the start. We are talking especially about hard disk space and bandwidth, as those are the most demanded resources by a site with many media files.

3. Don’t invest in performing programs

It is great to have licensed Dreamwaver and Photoshop, but do you think that those resources are needed? For a small website, a simple WordPress theme is enough. Don’t worry, as any site can be customized and changed later. Start on a WordPress or Blogger platform, and if your site starts to have an immense success, you can think about a new hosting platform that will allow you host many more tutorials.

4. The HTML editor

It is the best alternative to the complicated programs, and especially for a tutorials site, it is great. This is the program that helps the web designers to assemble the elements of a website, and starting from texts, images and animations, it offers the webmaster the possibility to have a fully functional website.

5. Free programs

The free programs that allow you to customize a page are great, especially when it comes to editing and embalming new features on your website. Those programs allow you to run automatic tasks, such as site maintenance. Try to find a program that has instruments for everything you need, a program that allows you to easily add new videos and photos to the website. Of course, there are the paid solutions, but the free ones are just as effective, as there are all the options needed for a page of this kind present here, and you won’t need anything else, at least for a small website.

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