Traffic Travis Free Search Engine Optimization Software Review


Traffic Travis is a free/paid search engine optimization software with the features of more expensive seo software and then some. You can find keywords, analyze back links, see where any website ranks for unlimited search terms, even track keyword importance over time, rate your own SEO work and tell you exactly where you can improve your search engine optimization. Traffic Travis also has full pay per click research and analysis tools that allows you to find highly profitable pay per click keywords and campaigns. You can even track your competitors keywords over time to see if their are worth imitating.

Traffic Travis
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Here are some basic features of Traffic Travis:

* Find out exactly why your competitors are ranked higher than you and how you can do better than them!
* Quickly show simple mistakes you are making on your website so you can correct them.
* How to build quality back links to your site easily.

Need to create keyword lists? There is no need to create pay membership fees. Just type in a few keywords and Traffic Travis will create huge keyword lists for you.

Traffic Travis will help you find the top sites in your niche. You will find out who the big boys are in your niche, what keywords they are bidding on, their average position over time. Once you have this basic information Traffic Travis will dig even deeper giving you detailed reports.

Traffic Travis will not only help you build a huge keyword list but it will tell you which keywords are profitable. Traffic Travis will watch others who are advertising on your chosen keywords. Do they have lots of ads? Do the advertisers keep the keyword on their list or do they eliminate it quickly? Traffic Travis will tell you all the above so you can design your own highly profitable campaigns.

You will learn exactly which keywords the major players in your industry are bidding on and even how well their specific ads are performing. The ad tracking can been done over a period of time to ensure accuracy.

Traffic Travis will also analyze your on page SEO. Look into any website’s on page SEO and find out how to improve your websites or find out what you competitors are doing right and wrong.

The program’s interface is very professional with top of the line graphic design and easy to use intuitive navigation.
Traffic Travis is a professional SEO keyword software which even in it’s free version is very useful. However, the authors have decided to distribute Traffic Travis as freeware version and as a paid version. The main difference is that you can collect larger amounts of data with the pro version. Both versions are very useful. Click here to download Traffic Travis now for free. If you have had experience with this software I would appreciate you comments in the comments area. Thank you.

Here is a nice video by Aidan Booth of IM Blackbook blog which goes into detail about Traffic Travis.

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