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Is Quality Score Killing your Budget?



Quality Score might not be as obvious as many think. In the past, all marketing Gurus were influenced by it. But somewhere along the road Quality Score got dethroned. Quality Scores are one of the most important factors that decide your cost-per-click CPC and the position of your ads. Unless you wish to pay more for your campaign, increasing Quality Score should be your priority. Before we can take a tour of how to increase your Quality Score, let us dive into the advantages of it.

Pros of High Quality Score

Quality Score ranges from one and ten which is the lowest and the highest  he below mentioned benefits:

1. Higher position on SERPs: A high Quality Score provides the placement of your ads on the first page of SERP. This eventually leads to more visitors and finally higher conversion rate.
2. Low cost-per-click (CPC): You will have to spend less on your CPC with Higher Quality Score (QS). Lowering of your CPC results in more ads to be shown and finally more sales.These two benefits are enough to provide your entire attention to Quality Score of your ad campaign. Now, that the advantage of QS is known let us consider the ways to increase it.Various factors are involved when the increase of QS is considered. Google, on the other hand measures QS every time your ad is clicked; which is to say your QS is updated frequently. Fortunately QS can be increased by following the ideas mentioned below:

Focused Ad Groups

Group of keywords sharing an ad text is known as ‘Ad Groups’. Focusing the ad group on a single theme will allow the written copy to be more relevant increasing the CTR. Luckily this isn’t as tough as you imagine. Create an ad text that relates to various keywords and there you have taken the first step to increase QS.

Include Keyword In Your Ad

Keyword(s) related searches will be attracted to your ads only if the keyword is included in your ad copy. Remember, Google’s aim is to create a better user experience and relevancy is the key for them. If the keyword is included in your ad, the user will find it enticing and result in a click. Google will be alerted of this action and your QS will be updated. Let’s say you would like to take a vacation to a place where you can feast on wine. Therefore you search over Google for the term ‘Relaxing hotel Napa Valley’

google ad sample

google ad sample

Various searches are displayed.

Among one of the searches, an ad displays all the terms you had searched for. Naturally that would be the ad which you would click. This is how other users will prefer your ad if the description contains the keyword that has been searched.

Split testing

The overall goal is to increase the click-through-rate (CTR) of your ad campaign. Split testing is the perfect method to find out which campaign gets the highest CTR. Create two ad groups for the same product and run them for a month. Depending upon the CTR, find the campaign that shows more promise and slash the other.

Landing Page Optimization

Optimization seems to be important with respect to Quality Score. Upon clicking an ad, a user is generally directed to a landing page for conversion. If the landing page is deficient in important elements and loads slower, then your Quality Score is seriously at trouble. Landing page optimization is a vast subject. However, for faster loading of landing page follow these tips:

1. A faster loading of landing page is necessary unless you wish your users to get annoyed. Using too many images can be one of the prominent reasons. Cut down the images which seem to be unnecessary.

2. Secondly is the design of the page. If it’s too flashy and the graphical elements are more than necessary then the loading speed of the page can be seriously hindered. Reduce the usage of graphical elements and keep it plain and simple.

3. In some cases your hosting provider might be responsible. Get a decent hosting provider.

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