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How To Get Your Ad On 70+ Credit Ad Viewers At Once!

How to Get Your Ad on 70+ Credit Viewers At The Same Time!

Hello there, this is Matt May from classifiedsubmissions.com bringing you another exciting tutorial on enhancing advert visibility on numerous credit ad viewers. But before delving into the details, I would like to request you to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates. You can do this by clicking on the handy notification icon. I appreciate your support!


What is a Credit Viewer?

For starters, let me explain what a credit viewer is. In essence, a credit viewer is an innovative system on websites like thefreeadforum.com that allow users to accrue credits while viewing ads. These credits can then be used to upgrade your ads.

Imagine you’re a user on such a site, you’ll notice a clickable button named “view ads for credit upgrades”. When you click on this button, you’ll be directed to various ads on the site with each view earning you a credit.


A look into my Credit Wallet

Let me show you an example from my account. On heading over to my credit wallet, I can easily see a credit balance of $45, which indicates I’ve watched a wide range of ads. However, these credits aren’t redeemable for cash; instead, they are used to upgrade the visibility of your own ads on the site.

For instance, I can upgrade my ads up to the value of my credits. Say, I choose to do a $20 upgrade for two ads, leaving me a balance of $5. This means that upgraded ads get preferential display, are displayed predominantly, and are listed at the top of their category and on the site’s homepage.


Why Should I Upgrade my Ads?

Let’s dive into the reasons for upgrading your ads. Upgraded ads tend to appear on the website’s front page, hereby receiving exceptional visibility. Moreover, within a particular category, your ad will feature at the top, providing it with a premium plus highlighted status. But that’s not all! Your upgraded ad will also be added to the credit viewer, thus capturing the attention of all those earning credits from viewing ads.

As you can see, upgrading your ad gives it an exceptional edge – top-notch visibility.


These premium ads receive higher views leading to more interested parties engaging with your ad. Just a quick sneak peek – one of my ads received 549 views within a month and it’s still up for three months! Ads in the credit viewer, on average, receive around 500 views, and this can significantly increase if the ad stays up for the entire three months.

Get More Views with Classifiedsubmissions.com

To get your ad into the credit viewer, you must upgrade it. You can manually pay for the upgrade at $5 per ad, or if you have more time, you can accrue enough credits worth $5 by viewing other ads. However, there’s a more convenient way of getting your ad upgraded and viewed on over 30 sites!

By joining classifiedsubmissions.com, you receive an ad upgrade on over 70 plus sites, with your ad included in the credit viewer across all these sites. But here comes the best part, our ad upgrade service isn’t limited to thefreeadforum.com; your ad appears on other sites like Freeglobalclassifiedads.com, Usafreeclassifieds.org, and many more which we keep adding to our list!

Let’s break down the figures for a moment:

An average of 500 views per ad multiplied by 30 sites equals an impressive 15,000 views! With membership starting from as little as $39.95 per month, this is a fantastic deal.

Keep in mind; it would cost around $150 per month if you were to manually pay to upgrade your ad on these 30 sites. Embrace the value!

Joining us doesn’t just get your ads promoted, but includes a myriad of traffic generation strategies.


Other Traffic Generation Methods

Alongside classifiedsubmissions.com’s ad upgrade service, we also offer full page login ads that generate a great number of views. Essentially, every time someone logs into any of the 30+ sites we post on, they have to view a full-page ad before accessing their account.


Overall, at classifiedsubmissions.com, it’s all about getting more eyes on your ad! Take action today and sign up for a package, get your ads upgraded, and let us do the rest.

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Thank you for your time, and once again, this is Matt May from classifiedsubmissions.com urging you to make the most out of our services. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates.