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How to Optimize Your Blog Posts For Multiple Keywords


Here are the basics for optimizing a single blog post for multiple keywords.

First you need to target longer tail keywords that are very specific and that do not have much competition. They must all have the same customer intent. In the example in the video I am trying to optimize for keywords related to Articlevideorobot which turns blog posts into videos.

Search For Specific Long Tail Keywords With Little Competition and The Same User Intent

I used Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get some idea on keywords however most of the suggestions were not specific enough. For example I typed in “article video robot” and some of the suggestion I got were “film editing software” and “movie editing software.” These are much too vague. I specifically want terms related to software which turns articles into videos.

Use Google Keyword Planer or Google Suggest to Help You Find Your Keywords

So while you still can get a few good suggestions from the Keyword Planner Tool if you really drill down I decided to use another strategy. I decided to use Google Suggest. All I did was type in my keywords “article video robot” into Google search and at the bottom of the search finding Google suggested several other search strings:

article video robot free download

article video robot review

article video robot alternative

article video robot coupon

article video robot discount

article video robot tutorial

best article to video software

Now all these search terms are specifically related to my niche. So I then put all these keyword phrases into the tags section of wordpress. Tags get found in searches often before your main page as they are optimized for longer tail keywords with less competition.

Then I began creatively working in the keywords into my content. Wherever possible I put the keywords in H1 or H2 tags. Google gives extra emphasis to keywords with these tags. I had to be careful not to over optimize. Everything had to make sense to an actual reader as well as to the search engines.

Use Yoast Plugin to Write A Keyword Optimized Meta Description to Be Seen in SERPS

I use a plugin called Yoast to help optimize for SEO. It allows me to have a special meta tag description that people will see when they see the post in the search results. Since “Article Video Robot Coupon Code” was the most “buyer” targeted keyword I included this keyword in a special meta description. If people see this coupon code mentioned in the description they are much more likely to click through to the post.

Use Your Long Tail Keywords Both Strategically in Your Posts and Put Them in Your Tags

At the end of the day I had my long tail keyword phrases strategically and logically placed within my content and my tags giving me all the more chances to be found for my keywords.

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By the way, I learned this technique from Neil Patel’s Quicksprout University. I took his ideas further and added my own ideas and experiences but he gave me the idea to look at this in the first place. Thank you Neil!