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Marketing Tools I Use All The Time


Web Hosting.

I run my own websites with my own domain names. Even if I was just promoting somebody else’s products I would have my own domain name and website. I use dedicated and VPS servers. VPS means Virtual Private Servers. They use WHM Cpanel control panel and allow me to run unlimited websites rather than just one website. If you have many websites rather than just one this is the way to go.

I am now using 3 companies for my VPS and dedicated servers. I have a VPS with Inmotionhosting, and Knownhost. I also have a dedicated server with Future Host. I did a complete break down of each and the reasons why I switched from my previous providers Liquid Web and Servint in the blog post here.

If you were just looking for a simple solution for a single website I would look at Blue Host. I will even set up your blog for you for free if you order from my link here. It varies but the prices are generally around $4. per month for hosting of 1 website. If your website is just a regular website and not a forum or high traffic resource heavy website this might suit your needs fine. They even include a free domain name with purchase of hosting. Not a bad deal and a good way to start with a new website.

 Quickregister.us I use Quickregister.us to register domain names. This is my reseller page for Godaddy.

Autoresponder Services

Getresponse.com and Aweber.com. I use both services to run my lists. I do not like to put all my eggs in one basket so I divide my lists between the 2. Right now I am kind of favoring Getresponse but both companies are excellent. I also have my own autoresponder scripts but deliverability with email is a full time business and I find the emails sent from Getresponse and Aweber get delivered. After having an actual website I consider an autoresponder to be the most important marketing tool there is. This tool gets me the most sales. See my article “If you are going to sell anything you need an autoresponder.”

ArpReach Php Autoresponder Script. I also run my own mailing lists from my own servers. My lists got quite large so it became too expensive to host them all on Aweber or Getresponse. To run my own lists I use ArpReach php autoresponder script. This is php software that you run on your own website on a VPS or dedicated server usually. You have more flexibility with your lists when you manage them yourself but it is difficult to reproduce the same deliverability as Getresponse, Aweber or any of the other major autoresponder services.

Pop Up Opt In Software

Right now I am using Engagifire Pop Up Software to create the pop up forms for my website. I know we all hate pop ups but the work very well to get subscribers. They just flat out work. Autoresponder services such as Aweber and Getresponse have forms you can use but the are rather basic. Engagifire has a sharp series of forms which can not only help you get more subscribers to your opt in list but also to your social media channels. The forms are hosted on the their server. You just log into your back office and choose the forms you want, customize them and put their code on your website.

I was using Pop Up Domination but when I purchased their software they simply refused to answer any of my support emails so that I started looking for other solutions. I am glad I did. So far Engagifire is doing an excellent job serving my pop ups.

Cpanel and Hard Drive Data Backup Services

Site Auto Backup. If you have developed a large database of users of customers you definitely want to protect your databases and back them up. The problem is that we never remember to do it manually. You need a service which automatically backs up your data for you. I use SiteAutoBackup. If you are using Cpanel and WHM this service automatically backs up your mysql databases on their server daily if you wish.

WordPress Themes

You can then retreive them if there is a problem with your databases and re-upload the database. A real business saver service.

Thrive Focus Premium WordPress Theme: I use Thrive Focus theme for this blog. I also love the classic Twenty Eleven Theme from WordPress but this premium theme for Thrive Themes is very functional and elegant. I especially liked the way it incorporated opt in forms seamlessly onto my site.

Video Services and Software

Photodex Pro Show Web. I use the version which costs $20. per month. This software makes very slick slideshow presentation videos quickly and easily. It is kind of like Animoto on steroids. Sometimes I can make videos even quicker with Photodex than with Article Video Robot.

Screen Cast O Matic. They have a free version and a pro version. I use the pro version which only costs $15. per year! Compare that to the much more expensive Camtasia Studio. I have found no limitations with Screen Cast O Matic and I have been able to make excellent screen capture videos.

YouTube. Youtube is one of the best ways to promote your product or service. With all the video tools I mentioned above you should be able to create tons of great videos. I definitely recommend starting your own YouTube channel on your theme and keep uploading new videos all the time. You can see my YouTube channel here. Please subscribe! If you do I will subscribe to yours as well. YouTube videos shoot to the top of search engine rankings. Put your keywords in the titles of your videos to increase visibility.

Articlevideorobot. Articlevideorobot creates videos from blog posts and text files. It just takes words from a page and creates sharp looking videos with actors reading your written words. The voices are still somewhat robotic but not that much and they videos look professional. One of the best features of Article Video Robot is that it automatically makes slide show presentations of your blog post or letter than you can upload to Slideshare.net and other slide show hosting sites. These sites get ranked very high in the search engines and get quite a bit of traffic. I actually prefer the slide show presentations more than the robot videos. Article Video Robot makes them very quickly and easily.

FTP Software

Ipswitch WS_FTP LE. FTP software uploads files from your computer to your web host and vice versa. I use Ipswitch WS_FTP LE which is free and works beautifully.

Programming Software

Ubot Studio. Ubot is software which allows you to program bots without knowing any coding language. Ubot Studio will let you program you own software without having to know code. I used this program to create Backpage Easy Ad Submitter and several other programs. Even though you do not need to know code there is quite a learning curve with this software. If you are not prepared to spend hours working through complex problems this is not for you. But if you want a challenge and you want to program your own software this is a great place to start. Not for those who want a quick fix. More for those who really are curious, persistent and want to create their own software. Highly recommended.

Submission Software

Backpage Easy Ad Submitter. This is some neat software which will automate the posting of your ads to Backpage which is the 2nd highest traffic classified ad site after Craigslist. Most people get this software and expect to blast the same ad over and over. Most likely your ads will get deleted. But if you think more long term you can get some good traffic with this tool.

I just post simple ads on a consistent basis and I have received much free traffic and inquiries from this traffic source. If you take a more patient approach this software can be a good addition to your internet marketing arsenal. Just pay a one time small fee and you can advertise unlimited offers for months to come. Not a bad deal.

The Free Ad Forum Biz Opp Submitter. Actually I use a version of this software which posts ads to any category which I made just for myself. However, you can get a free version which submits ads on autopilot to the Business Opportunity section of The Free Ad Forum Classifieds. The Free Ad Forum has over 40,000 members and has some good deals on advertising especially the one where your ad can be featured on the home page for an entire year for just 10 bucks.

FPTraffic.  I am not a big fan of Facebook but it is a very powerful site and you cannot ignore. I have been occasionally using a site which allows you to quickly find photos that are related to your niche and automate the posting of them to your Facebook pages. This increases the activity on your pages and when you have something more meaty to share more people see it. This site is called FPTraffic. Not P not B very tricky!

Text Editor

Textpad. Textpad is the best text editor on the planet and it is free. It is a thousand times better than notepad. I use it constantly.

Classified Ad Software

Geodesicsolutions– This is the software I use to run my free classified ad site at The Free Ad Forum Classifieds. This is top notch professional software which first rate support. If you are serious about starting a classified ad or auction site I highly recommend this software. You can find cheaper software or even free but most likely you will end up hiring a programmer to add the features that this software already has.

If you are going to start your own classified ad site I suggest finding a specific niche and focusing solely on that niche rather than trying to compete with Craigslist and Backpage. Some of these niche sites do really well. This can be an excellent business model if you have a good niche.

Forum Software

Vbulletin. I use this software to run The Free Ad Forum (not the classified part of the site but the actual forum.) Vbulletin is pretty much recognized and THE forum software and it is the most expensive as well. If you are planning on creating  a serious forum with thousands of members this is probably one of the best ways to go.

Affiliate Management Software

JVZOO- JVZOO is an affiliate management service. I also run my own affiliate program for my classified ad submission service and I know the challenges. When you use a service such as JVZOO they manage most of the tech end for you which can save you time and increase your credibility with affiliates. Also these affiliate networks often have large databases of affiliates who will join your affiliate program. You pay a small fee but you gain time, credibility and exposure. I use JVZOO for the affiliate program for my marketing software that I create with UBOT.

PDF Re-Branding Software

Viral Pdf Generator– This is a tool which allows your affiliates to easily re-brand your original pdf files with their links. Creating your own pdf file or ebook with valuable information in your niche then allowing others to distribute your ebook or pdf is an excellent way to get traffic to your website. Your affiliates will have an even greater reason to distribute your ebook if you allow them to re-brand the ebook with their own affiliate link. The problem is normally that process is complicated and most affiliates give up. Viral PDF Generator makes the task easy for the affiliate. An affiliate can re-brand your ebook with just a few clicks. The easier it is to re-brand your ebook the more people will distribute it the more traffic you get.


Email-Hog– This is a safelist and a good one. As a pro member you can send your ad out to about 6000 members or so every 2 days. They guarantee a 2 per cent click through. Because of the incentive system I usually get around 150 views per mailing. The key is that real eyeballs see the ads. So if you have a great offer especially one geared to those who are looking for a way to promote their websites you can get good results. Remember the offer is key. If you are just promoting the same old make money do nothing scheme people are getting snow blind to these type of offers. Come up with a great deal for the viewer. I have purchased services from seeing ads on safelists so I know if works but you must have a great offer that will interest the safelist crowd of other marketers.

Lead Club. Lead Club is the best kept secret. It is a safelist which also provides about 3000 confirmed opt in leads each month. If you are adept at email marketing this can get you some inexpensive traffic. Only $9.95 per month.

Please bookmark this page as I will be adding more services that I use. If you have valuable services that you use please feel free to share in the comments section.