10,000 full data opt in leads $50. (w/phones)


We have found an excellent source of real
opt in leads.

All of these leads agreed to receive more info
on earning money from their computer.
These are not ffa type leads and they
have nothing to do with the Lead Club.

# Each list includes the first name, last name and
email address,time date stamp,phone and ip address.
# These leads opted in from our various advertising
campaigns and agreed to receive information on how
to earn money working from home.
# Each lead has opted in specifically to receive
info on how to earn money working from home..
# The leads will be sent to you in a text file by
email in csv format within 24 hours of your order.
# The prices are currently $50. for 10,000, $99.
for 20,000 opt in leads or $375. for 100,000 opt in leads.
# These leads are generally 10-60 days old.
# Extra leads are provided to account for undeliverables.

The leads are 99%. US leads.

The key to your business to have lots
of real opt in leads to send your offers
to. The only element separating the
“big earners” and beginners is that the
big earners have more leads!

If you would like more information see:

Please put news@quickregister.net in your contacts to make sure you receive your software.