MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad WordPress Plugin Review


To pop up or not to pop up that is the question. Pop ups work and they do not work. They will grab your visitors attention and you may get more subscribers to your newsletter but you also risk scaring your visitors away or just annoying them. If you have too many annoying agressive ads on your website visitors may not stick around. Then again you still need to advertise on your site to make money. It is a fine balancing act.

In comes the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad. It is a thin strip which goes across the top or bottom of your page. It is stationary but still highly visible. You can’t miss it. Your visitors can still easily navigate the site. You can place ads and links in the stripe and customize the look to suit your blog.

You can even rotate the ads with an unlimited number of ads or have it hover as the viewer scrolls down the page (careful with that one!) Or if you choose the stripe ad can just remain static at the top of the page.

There are also additional settings to rotate through an infinite amount of advertisements, and make the ad hover as the user scrolls down the page or remain static at the very top.

You can adjust the “weight” of the ad if you are rotating ads. This allows you to choose which ads you want to show more frequently. I have seen this stripe ad used on major blogs to promote an ebook, contest, or to redirect viewers to a survey. You can use it to draw attention to important posts or for specials of any kind.

I think the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad is a great alternative to using pop ups on your site. It is a non-agressive ways to get your readers attention while still keeping them on your blog.

For more information on MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad see here.


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