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One of the most important activities that you can perform on your website is SEO. Known in full as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is process where certain activities are done upon the website and its content so as to increase the number of visitors who view it. This is accomplished by boosting the ranking of your website in the search engine results. One of the elements that you need to optimize using SEO is videos. These are a multimedia medium through which information is transmitted. If you have some videos on your website or your Youtube account, there are ways in which you can optimize them so that they receive as many views as possible. Do you want your videos to be famous? Read on.

How to boost the viewership of your videos

There are literally millions of videos on the Internet. If you have some on your website, it is important that you ensure they are easily discoverable through search engines and other tools If you want to optimize your videos, here is what to do:

  1. Ensure they have high quality content

  2. Relevant titles

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  3. Apply closed captions

  4. Utilize calls to action

Content is crucial

When Internet users log into your website, they want to view high quality content. This concept extends to your videos as well. They should contain content that is engaging, highly interesting, substantial and riveting. The content should help to answer question that your viewer could be pondering. In addition to this, your videos must be shareable. They should have links that allow viewers to share them in forums, social sites as well as their own websites. This is a very important element to ensure. When the content of your website is good, then other websites will share the videos as well. If you can, ensure that your videos are abreast with current trends. Trends often determine what Internet users are searching for online. As such, they will receive links to your video when they make searches that feature current trends. This will definitely increase viewership. Once you ensure that your videos have all these characteristics, you can be sure that they will generate very many views and attract traffic too.

Place relevant titles and descriptions

Every video has a title. The title describes the main theme of the video. It also has descriptions. These give more information about the video in a brief commentary. Experts at Miami SEO Agency indicate that these two video characteristics are immensely important. They contain keywords that will be found by the search engine crawlers when an Internet user searches for something that is related.

To improve viewership, make sure that the titles and descriptions of your videos have some keywords in them. Examples of these are your company brand, your name or your qualification. These are words that consumers will enter in the search engines when searching for solutions online. By including these words in your videos, they become easier to find through the search engines. You should name and tag with caution. This is because if you include tags that are not relevant to your videos, they will be flagged by search engines such as Google and Youtube. This will result in lower ranking or suspension. Therefore, name and tag your videos carefully.

There is a tool that you can use to get the most attractive keywords on the Internet that are not connected to any brand. This tool is known as Google Trends. It will help you to find relevant keywords that will help you identify the latest trends in the Google search engine. The keywords are derived from user demographics that the engine has compiled. As a result, they are effective to use in your videos.

Close caption your videos

Tags and titles may play an important role in indexing but they are not the only methods for associating text to your videos. Transcribing and uploading closed-caption files for all of your videos can also help your optimization efforts. Transcribed videos rank higher since they allow access to information in multiple formats, depending on preference and need. You can increase ranking by having your video captions or transcript translated and uploaded to translated subtitles on YouTube. Watch this tutorial for more information.

There is another method of attaching text to your videos. This method is known as closed captioning. This where you transcribe some text and upload it alongside some files for closed captioning to your website. Videos that have been transcribed are normally ranked higher than others. This process allows the videos to be available for viewing in many formats. Thus, viewers can watch these videos in a variety of devices and software. Thus, ensure that you conduct this process on your videos.

Include a call to action

A call to action is a statement that encourages the user to visit a website or follow the instructions given in the video. Also known as an annotation, this statement invites some actions from the viewer. They appear in the video screen enclosed in rectangular or square boxes. They are also active links that you can manipulate. Once you click on them, you will be redirected to a different video or a website where you can learn more about what you have just viewed. The annotations can also take you to a social site where you can share the video. When posting these statements, ensure that they do not obstruct the view of the video. Keep them well placed and leaving enough room for the user to view the content. One case study is where the Daily Grace channel combined calls to action and annotations for their videos. The result was an increase in the number of viewers for their videos.


Websites that have multimedia content are always more popular than static sites that have none. Videos are a great instrument to make your site more attractive. They also increase the viewership of your website. Once a consumer searches for something and clicks on the videos tab of the engine, your video can appear in the results and lead the visitor right to your website. As such, it is very important to optimize your videos. If yours is a business website, more visitors can result in more revenues. The above tips will help you to make your videos unique and stand out from the crowd.


Susan Kimberly is an IT consultant who has worked in the industry for over 5 years. She is currently consulting with Miami SEO Agency. When not thinking SEO, he loves swimming and singing with her two kids in Miami.

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